Five RISKS associated with WISDOM TEETH 🦷😮

1. TOOTH CAVITIES: Wisdom teeth are usually very close together and located at the back of your jaw. As a result, brushing and flossing of this area is often ignored and causes increased cavities which leads to tooth DECAY.

2. INFLAMED GUMS: Because of the limited space between wisdom teeth, this makes it easier for BACTERIA to stay around the gums and teeth. The gums can become infected easily, which can be quite painful and cause inflammation across the mouth.

3. DAMAGE TO YOUR TEETH: When wisdom teeth crowd behind your teeth, they can cause damage to your adjacent teeth such as your second molars, making it necessary to get a filling.

4. TOOTH CYSTS OR TUMORS: it is possible for wisdom teeth which have not been removed to develop into a cyst or tumour around them. In some cases, they can develop into something significant.

5. PROBLEMS WHEN YOU’RE OLDER: As you get older, wisdom teeth can further develop their roots and harden the bones in your mouth. This makes extraction more difficult and recovery and longer.

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