CEREC same-day crowns

⭐️ CEREC same-day crowns ⭐️

Crowns are one of the most VERSATILE dental treatments, used for everything from repairing a cracked or chipped tooth, to cosmetic treatments which change a tooth’s appearance. CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Aesthetic Ceramics) is the first system to offer same-day crowns of the same high standard as traditional crowns.
Using computer-aided manufacturing and computer-aided design, the technology combines 3D imaging software with a milling machine located in the dental clinic. This allows our dentists to design, measure and produce custom crowns and restorations on the same day, often during a SINGLE APPOINTMENT.

⭐️ Process of getting a same-day crown ⭐️

After an initial consultation, one of our dentists will determine whether crowns are right for you.

1. IMPRESSION SCAN: Instead of using traditional impression material and a tray that usually gets inserted into your mouth (to take impression of upper + lower jaw), CEREC uses a camera scanner. This provides our dentists with precise 3D images of your teeth
2. DESIGN OF CROWN: the CEREC software will analyze the scan of your mouth, and in conjunction with the dentist, will generate the restoration proposal. This only takes a few minutes, making it much faster than sending the impressions to a laboratory.
3. CROWN PRODUCTION: The software will then submit your crown design to the CEREC milling machine, which will cut the unique crown designed by a dentist.
4. INSERTION: the dentist will glaze & sinter your crown, and place it on top of the tooth.

Note: inlays or on-lays may be used if a crown is not necessary.

⭐️ Benefits of Same-Day Crowns ⭐️

✅ Minimally invasive: instead of using a mould for impressions which triggers the gag reflex and is uncomfortable for patients, the slim camera wand will be used to take detailed pictures inside your mouth
✅ Less time at the dentist: We understand that our patients have busy lives. Our CAD/CAM software allows our dentists to design your new tooth crown on the spot, and craft it immediately using the milling machine.
✅ No temporary crown: In the past, patients had to wear a temporary crown while we sent impressions to an off-site lab. These were often uncomfortable.
✅ Long-lasting: a CEREC crown can last up to 15 years, as long as good oral health is maintained.