Anticipatory Guidance for Kids

At Painfree Dentistry we work with parents to make sure that children get the best dental experience. We make the most out of each visit and use it to teach children and parents about oral health. Our dentists keep parents updated about their child’s dental health and will guide them on what to expect at the milestones in their child’s life. We will give you tips on steps to take to get the best oral hygiene and will tell you what sort of issues you should be looking out for. This way problems can be identified and treated quickly. If any issues are found our dentists will work with you to plan the best treatment. We can offer advice and guidance on any concerns and during the different stages of your child’s development.

Anticipatory Guidance

Anticipatory guidance is a framework used to guide parents on what to expect in the first six years of their child’s life. This helps parents know what is normal for children of that age and what changes may be occurring. Guidance like this gives parents the confidence to know they are doing the right thing and how to keep on doing so.

The anticipatory guidance framework is as follows.

6-12 Months Milestone: This milestone is all about the eruption of the first baby tooth/teeth. Dentists will be look at how the teeth are erupting and the child’s oral development. They will also give tips on teething. The fluoride status will be assessed. There will also be a review on how to keep the mouth clean and cleaning techniques for this age for the parents. Habits such as thumb sucking will also be looked at.

12-24 Month Milestones: There are a few milestones for this age. The completion of primary dentition, arch length determination and the occlusal relationships. Dentists will be looking at fluoride and oral hygiene. The team will also discuss space maintenance. Due to the age group dentists will also discuss what to do if there is an accidental ingestion. How children care for their teeth at home will also be reviewed. Also, electrical safety and what to do in case of oral trauma due to injury will be discussed.

2-6 Years Milestones: The milestones for this age include the loss of the first baby tooth, and eruption of incisors and molars. Dentists will discuss how to keep the gums healthy and will reassess their fluoride intake. Home oral care will also be reviewed. If the child is still sucking their thumb, plans to help the habit will be talked about. Food will be discussed inside and outside of the home. The team will also take about injury prevention.

Why Do We Offer Guidance?

It is not just about keeping teeth clean. At Painfree Dentistry we work to maintain the teeth and gums. We also help children to learn about maintaining good oral hygiene. This includes how their teeth should feel, what is normal and what sort of things they should be looking for. We believe that the more knowledge that both parents and children have the better their dental health will be. Our team works hard to make sure that children’s teeth are healthy and strong.

When Should Children Have Their First Visit?

For children to have the best start in their dental journey they should first visit the dentist when the baby teeth have started to grow. It is recommended that you visit the dentist before they are twelve months old. Longer than this can allow issues to arise. Dentists used to recommend that children visit the dentist at around the age of three. However, to prevent bad oral hygiene and issues in the future the new recommendation is before twelve months.

Contact the friendly and helpful team at Painfree Dentistry today to hear more about our anticipatory guidance. We can offer:

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