Baby Tooth Crowns


Baby teeth fall out naturally. However, in some cases baby teeth can be damaged because of tooth decay. Tooth decay and tooth loss can cause a variety of issues for children in the future. That is why the team at Painfree Dentistry offer baby tooth crowns.

What are Baby Tooth Crowns?

A dental crown is placed on the tooth. It improves the look of the tooth as well as the function. With a crown, a damaged tooth will look and feel like a normal natural tooth. Crowns are tooth shaped and will be cemented to the teeth. It is an efficient and successful treatment.

A crown will protect a tooth that is chipped or broken and it will support a decayed tooth that cannot be filled. Crowns can also help teeth that have suffered trauma or for a tooth that has developed incorrectly.

Why Use a Crown on a Baby Tooth?

It is important to keep a baby tooth in place. The tooth needs to naturally fall out. The main reasons why dentists save baby teeth that are damaged are:

  • Baby teeth ensure that the permanent teeth grow in the correct place
  • Teeth are needed to help children with their speaking
  • Baby teeth help children chew food
  • Baby teeth are space holders for the adult teeth
  • Decay can spread quickly around a child’s mouth. This due to the enamel being thinner. Saving one tooth from decay can stop the decay spreading to the other teeth.

Ways to Prevent Needing a Crown

It is important to have good oral hygiene from a young age. Healthy teeth and gums will not need to be saved. Here are some tips you can teach your children so they can protect their teeth.

  • Brush teeth twice a day
  • Floss
  • Use a mouth guard during sport
  • Visit the dentist regularly
  • Avoid biting/chewing on hard food such as ice or candy

What Type of Crowns are offered?

There many crowns available to fix teeth. Each one is made from a different material and will have different benefits. The four most common crowns dentists use are

Stainless Steel Crowns – This type has been used for decades and is very common in children’s dentistry. This type is a metal shell and can be customized to fit any tooth no matter the shape or size. It is a durable crown so is a great choice for the back teeth. These crowns are easy to fit and will only take one dentist visit, which makes them cost effective to.

Veneered Steel Crowns – These crowns are made of stainless steel or nickel and a tooth colored material. These are strong and are used in the front and back teeth. Due to the materials, these crowns are very durable and will look more natural than just stainless steel. These can cause allergic reactions in patients with metal allergies. Your dentist will discuss this with you.

Strip Crowns – Strip Crowns have a clear shell that will be filled with natural tooth colored material. The material needs to set while setting it will have a plastic cover. When the crown is ready, the cover will be taken off leaving a tooth colored crown. As these crowns are tooth colored they are usually used on the front teeth. These are higher in price than the stainless steel but provide a natural looking result.

White Dental Crowns – These crowns are metal free and look like a natural tooth. White crowns can be created into different sizes and are made of material like ceramic. The material makes these very strong so these will last and are also more resistant to decay. These are more expensive but can give you a natural looking tooth in one dental visit.

If you have any concerns about your child’s teeth or if you just want them to have a check-up then call the friendly team at Painfree Dentistry. We accept new patients and a child friendly dental practice. We want to make children’s dentistry as stress and pain free as possible.