Space Maintainers

Premature loss of a baby tooth can sometimes cause problems for your child’s adult tooth. It may drift or erupt in the wrong position, or cause neighbouring teeth to move out of alignment, so there isn’t enough space for your child’s adult tooth to erupt.

One way of alleviating these problems is by using a space maintainer, which uses artificial teeth or plastic blocks to fill in the space left by missing teeth. Painfree Dentistry will custom-make your child’s space maintainer using gel impressions of their teeth, which enable our dental laboratory to create a precise fit. Made from plastic or stainless steel, space maintainers can be fixed or removable depending on your child’s needs.

Though your child may find the space maintainer a little uncomfortable to begin with, we usually find that they quickly adapt after the first few days. Of course, your child should continue to brush regularly to keep their gum tissue healthy, and keep away from sticky or hard foods which may damage the space maintainer.

Once your child’s adult teeth are ready to erupt, the Painfree Dentistry team will remove the space maintainer and your child can enjoy healthy, normal development of their teeth