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Tongue Lip Tie

At Painfree Dentistry we offer removal of Tongue/Lip Tie by the help of laser.
A tongue-tie is when the piece of skin under the baby’s tongue (called the frenulum) is tight, or shorter than normal. It is also called Ankyloglossia (pronounced ankle-o-gloss-ia).

What is a Frenulum?

A frenulum is a small fold of tissue that inhibits the movement of the tongue or lips. A tongue tie stops movement because it holds the tongue to the bottom of the mouth. If the frenulum causes a problem in the lips it is because the ligament that attaches your lips and tongue is fused together too tightly.  It is a very common issue and can be fixed. Studies show that around 11% of babies are affected by this.

How Can It Be Fixed?

This issue can be fixed with a laser treatment. It is a painless procedure that is comfortable for babies. The procedure is short and only takes a few minutes. The patient is required to keep still. The patient won’t need any stitches and will experience no or little discomfort. Patients who have the procedure can get back to their normal lives after. Babies can suckle, children can go back to school and adults can go back to work.  If the lasers are used on a lip frenulum a little bleeding may occur but this stops very quickly.

Lasers are a great treatment choice as it is precise, does not hurt and can kill any bacteria. Laser treatments also reduce swelling and inflammation during treatment. The healing time is also fast.

What Are the Benefits of a Frenectomy?

There are many benefits of a frenectomy and these include:

  • Help with speech difficulties. When the frenulum is causing restricted movement, the speech can be affected. After treatment, the speech will return to normal.
  • The tongue will sit correctly. When patients have a frenulum, the tongue may be pinched or it may scrape against teeth. After the treatment, this won’t happen as the tongue will sit in the right place.
  • Can help to manage saliva during speaking and eating.
  • Can help improve confidence as the tongue movement, speech and more will be corrected.
  • It can prevent gum recession that is caused by the frenulum on the lips.

What Happens if This is Left Untreated?

Every patient is different. Some patients may adapt without the need of surgery, others need the surgery. Your dentist will discuss this with you. For the patients that need the surgery, if it is left untreated issues will arise. This issue will depend on age.

If the patient is an infant an untreated frenulum can affect breastfeeding. This causes the baby to stop receiving the right nutrients and it could cause some issues with the bond between the baby and the mother. It can also disrupt the sleep of the baby and will affect their solid diet in the future.

In children, the issues that can arise are different. The main problems are with food. This includes difficulties chewing, makes choking on food more likely and causes children to not eat certain foods. An untreated frenulum will also affect their dental health in the future. It can also damage self-confidence due to problems with speech.

In adults’ problems with speech will continue to occur. Adults may also find that they cannot open their mouth as widely as they should and they could develop pain in the jaw. There may also be further dental problems and migraines may also occur.

Contact the team at Painfree Dentistry today to hear more about tongue and lip tie treatment. Our friendly team are here to help. We can offer:

  • Laster treatment
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