Cerec Crown

The technology used in dentistry is always moving forward. These advancements enable dentists to give the best treatment to patients efficiently. At Painfree Dentistry we offer Cerec Crowns. This treatment allows our patients to have:

  • Crowns that look natural
  • Crowns that will last
  • Comfortable treatment
  • Fast and accurate care
  • High quality and successful results

What are Cerec Crowns?

Cerec crowns are crowns that are created with new technology. This technology speeds up treatment time, makes the procedure more comfortable and gives a high quality, natural looking result.

What Technology is Used?

In more traditional techniques a dentist would have to take an impression of the patient’s teeth for treatments such as a crown. However, this new technology means a scan can be taken. The use of a digital scan makes the process accurate, quick and is a lot more comfortable for the patient.

The system uses software that assists dentists in designing a patient’s crown. It can also help with other treatments such as veneers and fillings. This can be done quickly while you are at the dentist’s office. With software like this, some restoration procedures can be completed in one visit.

After the design has been completed, your dentist will create your crown in a milling unit. A material that looks natural is used and it will be made to fit your perfectly. Fillings and veneers can be created in this unit too. This speeds up the process so that you could receive your permanent fixture in the same day.

Treatments That Use This Technology

  • Crowns – This will be recommended for chipped, cracked, worn down, decayed and discolored teeth.
  • Fillings – For decayed teeth, worn teeth and to replace old fillings.
  • Veneers – For gappy teeth, worn teeth and discolored teeth.

Benefits of The Technology

  • Digital techniques are accurate
  • Treatment time is faster. Same day is now an option
  • Restorations can be metal free
  • It is less invasive so natural tooth structure can be saved
  • Creates natural looking results

Advantages of Cerec Crowns

This newer technology gives Cerec crowns more benefits to the more traditional ones. These include:

  • Cerec crowns have a more natural finish. Instead of just being in one colour these crowns can be customized. This makes them look more like the natural teeth surrounding it.
  • As these crowns were created more accurately these will fit very comfortably.
  • Impressions and crowns can be taken and created on the same day.
  • These crowns are made from stronger materials. Giving you confidence when eating certain foods.
  • With the traditional method, your tooth and gum may be sensitive for a few weeks. With Cerec crowns, this isn’t the case. This newer method is almost painless and you can eat as normal.