Common Cosmetic Issues

Cosmetic issues can affect your self-confidence and your health. With some cosmetic issues, it can be more than just the way you look, sometimes it can result in dental problems further down the line. We want to prevent complications arising from these conditions so we have a great selection of treatments to fix the smallest of dental issues.

What Are Some Common Cosmetic Issues?

Missing Teeth

– Having missing teeth can damage both your health and well-being. The gaps expose your gums to plaque and bacteria. We offer a variety of treatment options including dentures, dental implants and bridges. You can find out more information on this on our missing teeth page.

Misaligned and Crowded Teeth

– Misaligned or crowded teeth can make your smile less attractive than you would like it to be. That isn’t the only concern, problems such as these can put stress on the jaw which will lead to health issues. With the right treatment, you can avoid the health complications and get the beautiful smile. Treatments available include veneers, crowns, braces or Invisalign.

Worn Teeth

– Worn teeth can occur in anyone. It is caused by many things including abrasion from rough toothbrushes, tooth erosion from the acids in food and drink and conditions like Bruxism which is involuntary grinding or clenching of the teeth. If the problem is not fixed it leaves you vulnerable to tooth decay and loss of teeth. Your teeth can be corrected with crowns and veneers.

Old Filings

– Filings should be looked at for replacement if they have been in the mouth for more than ten years. When filings are old there can be signs of leaks, decay under the filing or fractures. The older silver filings can fracture the tooth over time due to expansion in hot and cold temperatures. Silver fillings can also look unsightly so these can be replaced with bright, white and discreet feelings. The new and improved white feelings look and feel great.

Decayed Teeth

– Decay can not only result in pain but the more serious cases will dramatically change the way your smile looks. Black, decayed and missing teeth will make you feel self-conscious about smiling but it doesn’t have to. Our team can put you on the right path of fixing the teeth and keeping up good oral hygiene to keep your teeth looking healthier for longer.

What Can We Do?

No matter what the cosmetic issues are we can fix it. We offer a variety of treatments from dentures and implants to braces to white filings and more. We will work with you to create a beautiful smile that you can wear with pride. The treatments we offer can suit a variety of budgets and can suit your needs. Whether you want to avoid invasive treatments, are anxious in the dentist’s chair or want the most natural looking teeth we can help.

If you are want to discuss cosmetic treatments, discuss your oral health or if you want to hear more about our cosmetic treatments call us today. We have a helpful team waiting to assist you.