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Implant Supportive Dentures

Dentures a solution used to replace missing teeth and the issues that come with having teeth that are missing. A denture not only is a replacement for the structure of the tooth but it also gives the function back to.

The main disadvantages to a to a denture can include: loose fit, feeling uncomfortable and feeling unstable when eating or speaking. Some patients have also reported speech impairment and not being able to taste food like they did before.

There are solutions to these problems! At Painfree Dentistry we offer a ‘Denture Implant’. A denture implant is a replacement option that uses dental implants to provide a foundation for dentures. Implants make the dentures stable and comfortable. This fixes problems with fit, stability and comfort. This form of treatment can also fix speech and taste issues. An implant supported denture is a shaped like a horse-shoe so a plate is not needed.

The dental implants anchor detachable replacement solutions so you can be confident that the denture won’t become lose or move around inside your mouth. Implant supportive dentures are the perfect solution for patients wanting to avoid discomfort, potential lisping and awkwardness when talking and eating that can occur with traditional dentures.

If you are worried about loose, failing or missing teeth? Then have a look at the treatment options available from Painfree Dentistry. Our dentists are highly trained to perform a wide range of implant procedures. Our success rates are very high because we have the best staff and provide great aftercare instructions to all our patients.

One of the treatments we provide is the denture implant treatment. This is where all the teeth are replaced. The benefits of having this treatment instead of a denture include:

  • Implants are very stable
  • Confidence when speaking and eating
  • Very comfortable
  • More convenient
  • Improved speech
  • One of the best benefit is that you can smile with confidence!

How Long Does the Treatment Take?

Treatment can vary from patient to patient. However, we have estimated duration times for some treatments.

No Tooth Extractions with Good Bone Volume – Treatment can take around five to six appointments over 5 to 6 months.

Tooth Extractions with Good Bone Volume – Treatment in cases like these can take around six to seven appointments over 8 to 9 months.

Teeth Extractions with Poor Bone Volume – In cases like these treatment can eight to ten appointments over 10-12+ month.

Your dentist would discuss your treatment plan and timescale with you.

If all your teeth on the upper, lower or upper and lower jaws are failing or missing we can offer these treatments:

  • Overdentures – Implant Retained Detachable Bridge
  • Implant Retained Fixed Bridge – Hybrid or Composite
  • Implant Retained Fixed Bridge – Porcelain or Zirconia

At Painfree Dentistry we offer treatment options to suit most budgets. Uncomfortable dentures and missing teeth does not have to be lived with. Call our helpful team today. You can discuss any concerns, book an appointment and enquire about any of our treatments. We are waiting to help you.


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