Laser Teeth Whitening

At Painfree Dentistry we offer the most advanced dental technology. This allows us to provide the best care for our patients. One of the latest treatments we offer is laser teeth whitening.

What is Laster Teeth Whitening?

This is a cosmetic procedure that uses lasers to whiten teeth. The use of lasers allows dentists to perform high-quality treatment on teeth, gums and bones. Special procedures can be performed and there is less damage to the tissues. Less damage means less pain and healing time. Laser dentistry has become very popular because lasers sterilize the area, seal any wounds so there is no need for stitches and will cause less bleeding.

Lasers are used in whitening because it is comfortable for patients and it provides the best results. This will look better and last longer than other whitening treatments. It is a safe procedure that will not damage teeth or gums. Laser whitening only takes around an hour to complete and your smile will look whiter and brighter. The whitening will be the right shade for you and it will look natural. We are proud to offer this efficient and successful treatment to our patients. It is painless and you will get the whiter smile you have always wanted.


Before laser whitening, you will have a consultation. This will allow dentists to assess whether you are suitable for treatment. In the consultation, your dentist will discuss your expected results so you know exactly what shade your teeth are going to be. You can also ask any questions about your dental health, the treatment, tooth discolouration and more. Dentists can also advise you on the cause of your tooth discolouration and give you advice on how to reduce the discolouration.

Why Do Teeth Discolour?

Teeth discolour over time but there are certain lifestyle habits that worsen the issue. The lifestyle habits include diet and smoking. Drinks like tea, coffee and wine are major culprits. With teeth whitening, you can reverse the effect and have a brighter and whiter smile than ever before.

After Laser Whitening

You will feel completely normal after laser whitening and will be able to carry on with your daily routine. After treatment, you will need to avoid eating and drinking certain things for the first couple of days. Your dentist will discuss these with you but the main things to avoid are red wine and cigarettes.

How Long Will Whitening Last?

The results of laser whitening can last for around three to five years. It is a long-lasting treatment that will give you a stunning smile.

Why Choose Painfree Dentistry

We can offer:

  • Safe teeth whitening
  • Effective treatment
  • Fantastic results
  • A brighter and whiter smile
  • A beautiful smile that will last