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Missing Tooth Replacement

Have you been living with missing teeth and want a solution? Then you are in the right place. We have treatments available whether you have one tooth missing or multiple gaps. We offer the greatest care and high quality treatments so you can get your smile back.

Why should you replace your missing teeth?

The most obvious issue is smiling and laughing, as it can knock your confidence to have missing teeth. Over time your facial muscles will lose elasticity, which will cause your smile and face to change shape. This change will make your face look different and aged ahead of time. Even though the way you look is important, if missing teeth are not fixed more serious complications can arise.

Missing teeth can cause bone deterioration and jaw joint problems. This is due to the lack of support and stimulation. Your teeth can also move which will cause changes in your bite which will result in joint problems. You can stop this from happening with the right dental implants.

Treatment for One Tooth

You have a few options for a single missing tooth. There is a choice between an implant, a denture or a bridge.

Implant – An implant is one of the best solutions, however it is the costliest. The reasons why patients choose an implant is because an implant looks natural, can last over 10 years, no need to remove the new tooth at night and an implant can be cleaned like a natural tooth.

Denture – Dentures cost less than the other treatments. A denture is not a permanent fixture and will have to be taken out for sleeping. As a denture is cheaper it isn’t as natural looking as an implant. This makes this option popular for patients that wan a quick fix that doesn’t cost as much

Bridge – A bridge is another option that is less costly than an implant. This treatment involves work on the other healthy teeth. The adjacent teeth must ground down to support the bridge, which be a con to this solution. The pro is that the bridge does not need to be removed and looks natural unless compared with a very close look. Treatment like this is great for patients who want an implant look for a smaller price.

Options for Multiple Missing Teeth

For multiple missing teeth, a bridge will be used. It is a special bridge that is used for dental implants. This procedure involves an implant being inserted into each gap and then the bridge being put into place on top. The bridge will be put in when the implants have fused with the jawbone.

Solutions If All Teeth are Missing

In many cases patients need every tooth replacing. There are a few options available if this is the case. These include an implant bridge, removable dental implant or a denture hybrid. Any of these will be an effective treatment with different levels of cost to suit any patient. You can read more about full sets of missing teeth on our full mouth implant page.

Having missing teeth isn’t something you have to live with. There are so many treatments available to suit your needs, so contact Pain Free Dentistry today to start your journey to beautiful smile.

It’s important to replace missing teeth for reasons other than your smile appearance. When you have missing teeth, your adjacent and opposing teeth can move out of alignment, this can cause a disruption to your bite pattern and impact on your overall oral and general health.

Dental implants are the ideal tooth replacement solution. They look, feel and function as normal teeth allowing you to talk comfortably, eat all your favourite foods and eliminate gum pain, which is experienced by many people who wear dentures. If you are looking for dental implants treatment, please give us a call on (02) 8999 5128. Our practice is located at 77 Marion St Harris Park NSW 2150.

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