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Partial Dentures

Missing teeth isn’t something you have to live with. Tooth loss can be caused by many things but the good news is that it can be fixed successfully. If you only have a few teeth missing and most of your natural teeth are still in place a partial denture may be the solution.

What Is a Partial Denture?

A partial denture is a removable teeth replacement solution. It is best for patients with one of a few teeth missing as your natural and healthy teeth and gums are needed to support the denture. The denture will be held securely in place with clasps or special retainers.

Partial dentures are custom made. This ensures that your new denture will fit perfectly with your existing teeth and it will be comfortable to wear to. A denture like this is created for functionality and to give you’re a smile a better appearance. It will fill any spaces created by missing teeth and will balance the wear and tear on your teeth.

This treatment is for you if:

  • You want affordable treatment
  • Want to have a complete smile again
  • You want new teeth that are functional
  • Want teeth that look beautiful
  • Prefer a faster treatment

What Partial Dentures Are Available?

There are many denture options available. These include:

Flexible Dentures – Flexible dentures are easier to fit than the standard ones and are more comfortable to wear. These are an option for people who have allergies to acrylic or metal or for patients who want a metal free denture.  A flexible denture can stain over time and can be difficult to adjust.

Cast Framework – These frame works are made from a selection of metals. These can be customized to suit your own individual needs. Your dentist will discuss this with you. Cobalt chrome is a popular material used while gold alloys are flexible and fit well. Gold is not always used. Another popular material is Titanium as it is flexible and light.

Clasps – Clasps can be of metal and can also be tooth colored or clear. The metal clasps are usually wrought and on occasion can be made of gold. Tooth colored claps are durable and have long lasting color. Nine shades of clasps are available. Clear clasps are strong, stain resistant and flexible. These also won’t show metal on your teeth.

Choosing a new denture can seem a little daunting but at Painfree Dentistry we understand that all our patients are unique and have different needs. That is why we will discuss in depth about your treatment solutions. We want the experience to be as stress free as possible. We will guide you all the way through the process and answer any concerns or queries you may have. Together we can find the best tooth replacement solution that is best for you at the best price.

Contact our helpful and professional team today to hear more about dentures. You can ask any questions you have, discuss concerns about your dental health, book a consultation and more.


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