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Smile Analysis

At Painfree Dentistry we offer a variety of general dental treatment, restorative procedures and cosmetic solutions. Our highly professional dental team can help you with all your dental needs. We will work with you to create a smile that is healthy and a smile that looks beautiful to.

What is Smile Analysis?

The goal of smile analysis is to check for both medical and cosmetic issues to create a beautiful and natural looking smile. Working on medical issues like gum disease and fixing problems like stained teeth will create a healthy and long-lasting smile.

When analysing your smile to find the best course of treatment, your dentist will perform a facial analysis, dentofacial analysis, dentolabial analysis, dento-gingival analysis and a dental analysis. These checks will look at all your teeth and the dentist will check whether your teeth are balanced with your facial structure. The dentist will use your facial landmarks to see where your teeth should be to create a balanced look. This will ensure your teeth enhance and compliment your facial features. During the analysis, the size of your teeth will be checked and more. All of these examinations will work together to create a smile that is perfect for you. After your analysis, your dentist will discuss with you what the best course of treatment is. We can work with you to create the stunning and natural smile you have always wanted.

Analyse your Smile

To give you an insight into the issues dentists will be looking for. We have put together a small list of questions so you can analyze your smile at home. The answers to these questions will allow you to see if you could benefit from a visit to our dental office. Look at your smile in the mirror and answer these honestly and start your journey to a better smile.

  1. Are your teeth stained? Look for discolouration and yellowness.
  2. Do you have gaps in-between your teeth?
  3. Are any of your teeth overlapped or crooked?
  4. Do you have any missing teeth?
  5. Can you spot any defects on your teeth?
  6. Have you got any chips on your teeth?
  7. Do the edges of your teeth look uneven?
  8. Do your teeth look out of proportion? Are your teeth too small, big, short or long?
  9. Have you had any dental work performed that looks unnatural?
  10. Do your gums look healthy? Or are your gums bleeding when you brush? Are they red, swollen or receded?
  11. Do you feel self-conscious about your teeth when you talk, laugh or smile?
  12. When you look at your smile, can you think of things you would like to change?

Now you have answered the questions you might have spotted an issue you were not aware of or have had a problem confirmed. If so call our friendly dental team. We are here to help and want to assist you with any concerns or questions you may have. Book an appointment with Painfree Dentistry so you can achieve your perfect smile.


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