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Invisalign Express

People with orthodontic problems didn’t have a great deal of options when it came to treatment in the past. Fortunately, there’s been a number of recent innovations in orthodontic technology and patients now have more options for teeth correction than ever before.

One of the most common issues patients with orthodontic problems have is the aesthetic impact of wearing a traditional brace. Older style braces were made from metal arches and brackets which made them very obvious and quite ugly to look at, this issue has been addressed by a new generation of discreet or “invisible” braces. Traditional braces were created using wire, elastic and metal and fixed in place in order to put constant pressure on your teeth.

Invisalign Express is part of a new breed of orthodontics which attempts to minimise the aesthetic impact of having to wear a brace. Invisalign is designed to work as discreetly as possible, and it’s very hard to tell someone is wearing an Invisalign brace.

Invisalign Express produces results similar to those of conventional braces, throughout the process teeth are gradually moved through use of a set of transparent plastic aligners. Invisalign Express patients also report that the brace is much more comfortable to wear than it’s traditional counterparts.

Another important difference between Invisalign Express and conventional braces is that an Invisalign brace is completely removable. This means that the patient has much more responsibility for the outcome of their treatment as opposed to fixed braces which are permanently attached. Invisalign can help with a number of orthodontic problems including crowding, gaps in your teeth or crooked teeth.

Although Invisalign treatment is suitable for a great deal of orthodontic issues, it can’t fix all problems. The key difference between standard Invisalign braces is that you should see results much faster with the express model with the treatment completed in as little as six months (as opposed to the 12-18 months you can expect with standard Invisalign models).

How is Invisalign express fitted?

Before being fitted with Invisalign you’ll have appointments with your dentist so that your teeth can be thoroughly examined. Your dentist will take an impression using a special dental putty as well as a number of photographs of your mouth from different angles. Using the mould, a 3D model of your teeth is created digitally at a specialist laboratory. You’re aligners will be derived from this digital model. Due to the fact there’s no metal wires or brackets involved patients report that Invisalign is very comfortable when compared to traditional braces. The lack of brackets and wires also means you’ll need less follow up visits as there’s no need for constant adjustments. The aligners in the brace move the teeth in the same way as conventional braces, by putting gentle but constant pressure on your teeth.

However a key difference between Invisalign and conventional methods is that the timing of the application of force is controlled which means that only certain teeth will be allowed to move at each stage. Invisalign is completely removable so there’s much more responsibility on the patient for their treatment than with conventional fixed braces. It’s usually recommended that you avoid smoking whilst wearing your aligners as this can cause the brace itself to become discoloured. Similarly you will usually be advised to remove your Invisalign for all meals or snacks. Although there will be less follow-up visits than with conventional braces, you will still need appointments every few months to monitor your progress. Invisalign express also tends to be much cheaper than standard Invisalign models as there’s a lot fewer aligners and dental visits needed.

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