Full Mouth Implant

There are dental cases where patients must have all their teeth replaced. This could be for many reasons and each patient’s condition will be different. At Painfree Dentistry we offer full mouth implants that will give you beautiful teeth so you can smile confidently. We understand the negative impact missing teeth can have on your life and want to help.

Missing teeth will cause problems both medically and visually. You can develop jaw issues and your face and smile will change shape over time. These outcomes can be avoided with the correct treatment. There are a few options available that you can discuss with your dentist.

Treatment 1 – Implant-Supported Bridge

This solution has proven to be one of the best for patients. It involves having a fixed bridge that is supported by dental implants. A number of implants will be placed into the jawbone and these will be left to use for a few months. This process is called Osseointegration. Once the implants have fused the bridge will be installed. This is a permanent fixture and you won’t have to remove it like you would with a denture. You can eat, sleep and more.

This method is more expensive than the others but it gives you the look and feel of natural teeth. The teeth are strong and will last a very long time if taken care of well. Follow your dentist’s advice, brush and floss daily and your new implants will be a success.

Treatment 2 – Removable Dental Implant Denture

This treatment can also be called an overdenture. It involves 2 or 4 implants being placed into the jaw. Then a denture is placed on top and the implants support the denture. This solution allows you to remove the denture and clean the implants. You should have them cleaned professionally however, every six months.

Why a lot of patients choose this type of treatment is because it is not as costly compared to the other options. Dentures have got a reputation of being uncomfortable, slipping when speaking and causing ulcers due to rubbing. However, with a supported denture, this won’t be the case. These dentures feel more comfortable than the average ones.

Treatment 3 – Dental Denture Implants that can support a fixed denture

Treatment 3 involves placing more implants into the jaw that can support fixed denture hybrids. The number of implants placed is four in the lower jaw and four to six into the upper jaw. When your implants have been fitted, you’ll have to wait a few months before the next part of the treatment. At the next appointment, a metal frame will be fitted, then the artificial gums and teeth. As the implants are permanent you cannot clean them yourself. You should schedule a clean with your dentist every six months.

This method is perfect for patients who want a high-quality solution but with a lower cost. The denture is comfortable and is close to the more expensive bridge option. Your denture will be durable, strong and will look natural.

As you can see there are many options available. There is a treatment for every patient. Contact us today to start the process of getting your smile back.

It’s important to replace missing teeth for reasons other than your smile appearance. When you have missing teeth, your adjacent and opposing teeth can move out of alignment, this can cause a disruption to your bite pattern and impact on your overall oral and general health.

Dental implants are the ideal tooth replacement solution. They look, feel and function as normal teeth allowing you to talk comfortably, eat all your favourite foods and eliminate gum pain, which is experienced by many people who wear dentures. If you are looking for dental implants treatment, please give us a call on (02) 8381 1920. Our practice is located at 77 Marion St Harris Park NSW 2150.