Mini Implants

Mini implants can be a treatment option for patients with loose and uncomfortable dentures. Dentures that move and that don’t fit correctly can cause you unnecessary problems. These issues can include rubbing which can result in painful ulcers. Not only that but dentures that move and slip when you talk can cause you to feel self-conscious in social situations. These implants are not always used for dentures. In certain cases, these implants can also be an alternative to average full-size implants for the replacement teeth. At Painfree Dentistry we offer the best care and high-quality implants that will look and feel natural so you can eat, talk and laugh in confidence.

What are Mini Implants?

Mini implants are made of Titanium. These implants have the same components as regular ones, the only difference being the size. The implants are smaller and thinner than regular sized ones. Each one is made of a post and a socket, the socket attaches the tooth to the implant. Due to the size of the small implants, these can also be placed in narrow arches. As the implants are small and easily fitted these make the ideal solution for denture support and sometimes for tooth replacement. The implants can be fitted in only one visit, with local anaesthesia without any stitches.

Mini Implants for Dentures

Dentists use mini implants to stabilize dentures. This is because the smaller implants can provide stability due to the added fixed points. The added support stops the dentures rocking and sliding when eating, talking and more. Mini implants are also a faster and more cost-effective way to treat uncomfortable dentures because the denture can be stabilized in one procedure. Meaning you can have comfortable and durable dentures with less healing time and less visits to the dentist’s office.

Mini Implants for Teeth Replacement

Every patient is different. In some cases, patients have lost to much bone mass which makes regular implants not the best option, as there is not enough bone to support the implant. To have regular implants it would require several months of time with multiple appointments and maybe a bone graft. In cases like these mini implants can be the best method of treatment. Mini implants are often not suitable for fixing single teeth and multi teeth bridges because of the size. However, if mini implants are the best method your dentist will discuss the options available to you to find the right treatment.

Caring for Your Mini Implants

For your implants to be a success you need to care for them correctly. The general rule is to brush your teeth twice a day and floss just as you would with your normal teeth. This will keep your new teeth and implants healthy and looking great. You can discuss dental hygiene and receive more information on caring for implants with your dentist.

Mini implants are a low-cost and simpler alternative to fix your dentures and more. Contact Painfree Dentistry today to hear more about our mini implant treatments. Our helpful team will start your journey to the perfect smile.