Tooth Replacement

There are many scenarios that would require you to need a tooth replacement. These include fractured teeth and tooth decay. If you do need to have your teeth replaced your new teeth can be fitted quickly and successfully with the correct treatment. At Painfree Dentistry we offer efficient and high-quality care so you can look and feel better than ever before.

Benefits to Tooth Replacement

Whether you have a missing tooth or have been recommended an extraction it is always best to get the tooth replaced. This is because it can cause unnecessary dental issues such as tooth decay, gum disease and jaw problems. Not only that but your face will look aged ahead of time and your face will change shape. All this can be avoided with a tooth replacement. For a great smile, increased confidence and for healthy teeth and gums consider having any missing teeth replaced.

There are many ways to treat missing teeth. There is something for every patient and every cost level.

Same Day Replacement

If you are having a tooth extracted it is possible to have the tooth replaced on the same day. This treatment isn’t available to everyone, there are certain things to consider such as infections and available bone area. You can discuss this with your dentist.

Having the tooth replaced on the same day of extraction is a great choice. This way you avoid bone loss in the jaw, which will save you complications in the future. If a bone loss occurs you may need a bone graft which will result in more dental visits and longer healing time. However, same day replacements can avoid all of this. Your teeth would be fixed in only one visit. You can read more about same day replacements on our Immediate implant page.

Teeth That Have Been Missing a Long Time

For teeth that have been missing for a long time, the procedure is a little different. It is important to have the gaps filled and there a few ways to do it. The options available are dentures, bridges and implants. For implants, the treatment will take longer and cost more but it does give the most natural finishing result. A denture is a removable fix that does not cost as much as implants or a bridge. These do look natural but on close inspection not as much as implant. Dentures are great for patients who want a low-cost treatment with no surgery. A bridge is the middle of the range. This is an option that gives the implant look without the cost. There are pros and cons to each treatment and this is something you can discuss with your dentist. You can read more about missing teeth on our missing tooth replacement page.

Whatever your concerns are about your dental health you can contact us for more information. We can help you whether you need a tooth extracted, you have one tooth or all teeth missing. This is a process that has affordable options with amazing results. You don’t have to live with the effects of missing teeth, Painfree Dentistry can help.