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General Dentistry

At Pain Free Dentistry we off a wide range of treatments from cosmetic procedures to implants. It’s not just more complex care we pride ourselves on, it is also our general dentistry to. Whether you have tooth ache or need a filing we have a caring team ready to help. We have the solution to all your dental needs.

Our General Dentistry Treatments

Wisdom Teeth Removal – Wisdom teeth can be a problem, but with not with our team of skilled dentists. We offer high quality care to make this procedure as painless and as stress free as possible. You can discuss your options which include whether you want local anaesthetic or sedation. The procedure won’t take long and you’ll have excellent after care.

Toothache – You do not have to live with toothache. Your wellbeing is very important to use and we know how painful toothache can be. If you are experiencing toothache call us! We have an emergency dentist that will help you 24 hours’ day, 7 days a week. We can fix any dental issue.

Crowns – A crown can improve the appearance of your teeth and more. We provide porcelain crowns that look natural. Not only will the crown look great but it will also strengthen and protect your teeth for a long time. We have different types of crowns for a variety of different procedures.

Filings – Filings are a very common dental procedure. We offer white filings so it is discreet and won’t be seen when you laugh, smile and talk. Filings don’t have to ruin the appearance of your teeth.

Laser Dentistry – Laser dentistry has transformed dental procedures. Lasers are used in many treatments and your dentist will discuss this with you if it is an option.

Root Canal – Root canal has a bad reputation however at Pain Free Dentistry we will make your root canal treatment as painless and as stress free as possible. With the right dentist and the right team your root canal will be treated and pain free in as little as two visits.

Children’s Dentistry – For children the dentist can be a scary experience however we will create a relaxed environment to put their anxiety at ease. We offer lots of information to prevent dental issues and offer a range of treatments to solve any that may arise.

Oral Surgery – We offer oral surgery for treatments such as wisdom teeth removal, implants and more. Our surgery is professional, modern and you will receive the greatest care.

Sleep Dentistry – Anxiety can stop patients getting treatment that is sometimes desperately needed. We do not want that to be the case for the patients under our care. We want to make sure you are relaxed in a safe and professional environment. If our patients are still afraid sedation is available for certain treatments. You can discuss this with your dentist.

Contact us today if you have any concerns about your dental health or to enquire about any of our treatments. We are here to help with any issue.

Interested in working with a cosmetic dentist who appreciates your needs and comfort?

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