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Advanced Gum Treatment

Gum disease is a common condition that if left untreated can become serious. The good news is that it can be treated. At Painfree Densitry we offer a variety of advanced gum treatments.

What is Gum Disease?

Bacteria builds up on your teeth all the time which forms plaque. When it is not cleaned off properly it can lead to gum disease. If the bacteria continues to build it will worsen the gum disease and it can eventually lead to tooth loss.

The treatment of gum disease includes diagnosis and treatment as well as prevention so it does not happen again. Gum disease can be prevented and you can also improve on your dental hygiene. Your dentist can work with you so you can improve your oral health and will advise you on how you can maintain it.

Treatments for Gum Disease

Nonsurgical – Dentists may start to treat gum disease with a nonsurgical treatment. This is called scaling and root planing. The treatment involves cleaning and scraping the teeth, root surfaces and gums. Then the tooth roots will be smoothed so that bacteria won’t build-up again. It can take more than one visit to complete and you can be put under local anaesthetic. When everything is clean and disinfected the gums will heal and reattach to the teeth. A follow up appointment will be made so the dentist can check the progress of the gums.

Pocket Reduction – If after the scaling and root planing the gum tissue does not return to normal then a pocket reduction may be the next step. Pockets or gaps in the gums are caused by gum disease after a clean they may return to normal or they may not. If the pockets have not closed and you can’t keep the pocket clean you may need a pocket reduction.

Gum Graft – Gum disease can eventually lead to gum recession if not treated. If gum recession is left it can expose the tooth roots which will lead to tooth sensitivity and decay. Gum recession can be fixed with a gum graft, gum tissue will be taken from somewhere else and will be used to cover the exposed tooth roots.

Regenerative Treatments – Untreated gum disease can result in bone loss. This can be fixed with a procedure called a bone graft. A bone graft makes the bone grow where it was lost to gum disease. During this procedure, the bacteria will be cleaned and the bone and tissue will be placed.

Preventing Gum Disease

It is not just dental treatments that can help gum disease. You can also take steps at home to combat the disease and stop it from returning. One of the easiest and best ways to keep your gums healthy is by brushing twice a day and making sure you floss. You can also use special mouthwashes as this will help clear bacteria in places that you can’t reach with a toothbrush. Keeping up with your dental appointments is also a vital part of keeping your mouth healthy.

At Painfree Dentistry we want to help our patients avoid gum disease all together. We will advise you on how to maintain the best dental hygiene routine. For the patients who do suffer with this condition we offer a variety of treatments to combat the common condition. We can offer:

  • Efficient and successful treatments
  • Affordable prices
  • Solutions to gum disease
  • Preventative advice
  • A smile you can be proud of

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