Comprehensive Exam

At Painfree Dentistry we want you to have a healthy and beautiful smile that will last. We will help you to maintain and achieve excellent oral health by offering a Comprehensive Dental Examination.

What is a Comprehensive Exam?

A Comprehensive Exam is used to check for any signs of dental issues. During the exam, the dentist will check each tooth and look for any signs of gum disease and tooth decay. Your bite will also be checked, this is to check that your teeth fit together correctly. If there are any issues found then the dentist will recommend treatments.

What Is Checked During an Exam?

Your dentist will check your mouth, teeth and gums. Everywhere is checked to ensure you have the best oral health. Your dentist will check that the following is healthy:

  • Gums – Your dentist will check for bleeding, recession, calculus and plaque.
  • Teeth – Signs of decay, wear and crowding will be checked for. Fillings and missing teeth will also be looked at.
  • Jaw – Joints and muscles will be checked. The dentist will be looking for any pain, tenderness and clicking.
  • Surrounding Areas – Your lips, throat, palate, tongue and cheeks will be checked.
  • Signs of Oral Diseases – Dentist exams can spot more severe conditions like oral cancer.
  • Existing Treatments – Braces, retainers, implants, crowns, bridges and dentures will be checked.

You will also have a smile assessment. The assessment will look at tooth size, shape and color. Your smile line and gingival biotype will also be checked.

X-rays can be taken so the tooth roots and jawbone can be examined. X-rays are very detailed and will assist dentists to create a treatment plan. This also ensures that no issues are missed.

What to Expect?

This exam will allow the dentist to get to know you and your needs. It will allow us to gather important information so you can get the best care and treatment. This exam is the perfect time to discuss any existing problems you have or any symptoms you have that are concerning you. The exam will take no more than thirty minutes.

You will have to complete a registration before the examination can begin. The receptionist will ask you your personal details and then you will fill in a medical history form. This form lets us know about any medications you are on, any medical conditions you have and if you have any allergies. All these can affect treatment so it is important that you are honest and write down everything. A helpful tip is to bring any medication along then you can easily write it on the form.

After the exam, you will be offered a clean. A clean will remove tartar and plaque both on your teeth and below the gum line. A professional clean is beneficial because it cleans where toothbrushes and floss don’t. It is quick and pain free.