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Deep Cleaning

At Painfree Densitry we work hard to ensure that our patients teeth and gums are clean and healthy. One of the ways we do this is with a deep cleaning treatment. A deep clean can remove the bacteria that causes gum disease and that could eventually lead to tooth loss.

What is a Deep Clean?

A deep clean is performed by a hygienist. The hygienist will be taking the bacteria off the root of your tooth and off the inside of your gum that is near the root. It is about cleaning the hard to reach bacteria below the gum line. Cleaning these areas means your gums can heal and tighten up back to where they should be. The pockets in the gum caused by bacteria will start to close.

What’s the Difference Between Deep Cleaning and Regular Cleaning?

Patients can get confused about the difference some have thought that the procedures are the same. This is not the case. A regular cleaning is where the hygienist just focuses on your teeth and above the gum line. A deep clean will remove bacteria, tartar and anything below the gum line. This procedure cleans the bacteria that cannot be cleaned with brushing and flossing. It is important to remove this hidden bacteria because if it is left untreated it can cause gum disease which can end in bone and tooth loss.

The Procedure

A deep clean can be performed in one visit. It is usually performed in one or two quarters of the mouth. The area can be numbed before it is treated. Then the gum line and under will be cleaned. After the gums have been cleaned the gum is then shaped.

After Treatment

Your dentist will advise you on after care but there is some general advice that is given. The recovery is simple and you may be given antibiotics after treatment. You may also be given pain relief if your gums are sensitive after treatment. Your dentist will discuss with you when you can resume normal brushing and flossing. A check-up appointment will be made so the dentist can check that the gums are healing properly.

As this procedure is used to treat gum disease you will be advised to attend more regular dental visits. After treatment, it will be around every three months. This is so the dentist can keep an eye on your gums, bone and teeth to make sure the gum disease and bacteria has not come back. You will also be advised to see the hygienist regularly. In some cases, the visits will be every six months.

Does a Deep Clean Hurt?

It the pockets in the gums are not that deep you will feel no pain or very little at the most. You will feel a slight scrape while the area is cleaned. The gums can be numbed though so even with severe gum disease you will feel little discomfort.

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