Dentures Relines

Over time your mouth and gums can change and shrink. There are many reasons why gums shrink and these include: aging, tooth loss, bone loss and illness. These changes can mean that a denture you had fitted may not fit as well as it did before. This is an issue that can be easily fixed. At Painfree Dentistry we offer denture relines.

What is a Denture Reline?

Denture relines is used when a denture no longer fits as well as it should. This can happen when the gum and bone shrinks. The shrinkage occurs with age and over time. It causes a shape change in the ridges that support the denture.

Denture Reline Procedure

There are two types of denture relines. One is a hard reline and the other is soft. A hard reline involves putting a soft putty inside the denture. Then the denture will be placed inside the mouth and the gums will mould the putty into shape. The putty is then removed and a replica of the new gum shape will be created. Then the replica is fitted to the denture permanently.

The soft reline is the same but a different putty is used. The soft putty is more flexible and is like a rubber material. This type of reline is used of patients experience soreness from wearing a denture. A hard reline can be too harsh to a softer material is need. It is also used as a temporary replacement for when a gum needs to heal. After healing a hard reline can be fitted.

There are some cases where reline is not an option if the denture is to damaged or old and worn to be fixed. Your dentist will discuss this with you if that is the case.

Problems Caused by Dentures That Don’t Fit Correctly

When a denture becomes loose it can become difficult to eat. It can also cause discomfort when talking, laughing and more. Loose dentures can also cause rubbing and irritation. Not only that but you can become aware when doing these everyday things which can cause you to feel self-conscious. This doesn’t need to be the case. Dentures can be fixed so they fit well and comfortably. Reline is the best solution.

Maintaining Dentures

It is important to keep your dentures maintained. This will keep you comfortable and will ensure you have the best dentures for you. It is recommended that you have your denture checked every two years. This will keep the dentures in the best condition. Dentist can spot shrinkage of the gums and will advise you when a reline is necessary. The gums shrink slowly so you may not notice how much they have shrunk until your dentures don’t fit well at all. Regular dental visits can stop the issue getting any worse.

If you have loose fitting dentures or would like to hear more about dentures then contact the friendly team at Painfree Dentistry. We can offer:

  • A variety of dentures
  • Dentures that will last
  • Efficient and successful relines
  • Very experienced dentists
  • Dentures that will look comfortable and that will feel great.

We are waiting to hear from you, so you can start the journey to a healthy, comfortable, complete and more beautiful smile.