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Dentures Repairs

At Painfree Dentistry we offer a wide range of affordable dentures and denture care. We can work together with you to fit the dentures, repair the dentures, clean the dentures and more. Our dentists can give you strong and durable dentures that will look great and last years.

Why Would You Need Denture Repairs?

Over time dentures can chip, fracture and the artificial teeth can be lost. This is easily fixed and your dentures can be successfully and efficiently fixed. The dentures will still fit comfortably and will look as good as they did before. You do not have to worry about denture repairs, you can wear your dentures with confidence and know that any issues are easily fixed.

How Long Does It Take to Fix Dentures?

We understand that having a broken denture can cause issues. If it is chipped or if it has a tooth missing it will mean your smile won’t look as good as it should or that your smile is not complete. We want our patients to have smiles they are proud of so we offer same day service on most denture repairs. This way the damage is fixed successfully and efficiently and you can have a beautiful smile in one visit. In basic repairs, you could have your dentures back and be able to wear them again in a few hours.

In some cases, the repair could take two days to complete. This can happen when a permanent bond needs to be created. If this is case your dentist will discuss this with you. The longer time is usually in severe breakages but if it takes one day or two you can be sure of high quality dentures and repairs.

The materials we use are biocompatible and are completely safe for use. We ensure that the best materials are used so our patients can have the best finished results.

Why Choose Painfree Dentistry for Denture Repairs?

  • Our team are professional, highly skilled and friendly
  • We can offer one-day repair
  • Our dentures and repairs are built to last
  • Our repairs are high quality
  • We have a friendly and professional team that are here to help

It is not just our repairs we are proud to offer, we also have a variety of other dental services available. These include:

  • New denture fittings
  • Replacement dentures
  • Denture relines
  • Acrylic based dentures
  • Metal based dentures
  • Clasp repairs
  • New tooth additions – we can add teeth to dentures if you have lost anymore.
  • Mouth guards
  • Laser welding
  • Implants over dentures
  • Denture cleans
  • Denture polishing

We also have solutions for lost dentures. You can have your details like name and number put on to the dentures. This way if they get lost they can be returned easily.

Contact the team at Painfree Dentistry today. We can discuss any denture concerns, book you a dental appointment and more. You can also find out more about our denture solutions as there are many types of dentures available. We are available all week so you can have peace of mind that we are there to fix your dentures when you need it. You can have the smile you have always wanted with Painfree Dentistry.


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