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Flexible Dentures

Missing teeth? This is not something you have to live with. There are many tooth replacement options available. One of the most common being dentures. These are false teeth that can be removed. At Painfree Dentistry we offer flexible dentures that make dentures more comfortable and durable than ever before.

What are Flexible Dentures?

Flexible dentures are made of thin thermoplastic material such as nylon. This creates a sleeker design when compared to the regular thicker and rigid dentures. The use of thermoplastics means that the dentures are stronger and you will have less visits to the dentist. There is less preparation for a denture as the natural teeth can be left alone. There is no metal frame which makes the procedure simpler.

What are the Benefits of Flexible Dentures?

There many benefits to this type of denture and these include:

  • When dropped flexible dentures are less likely break. This is because they are not as brittle as other dentures.
  • Your gum can be seen through the denture as the material that is used is clear. This gives the denture a natural looking finish.
  • Flexible dentures do not need metal claps to hold them in place, these also do not need an adhesive. The type of denture will just cling to your gums.
  • These dentures do not take a long time to make.
  • The materials used give patients a solution if they are allergic to thins such as nickel or resin.
  • These are more comfortable to wear and chewing is made easier.
  • You can eat and talk with confidence
  • Dentures reduce the force of the bite

Things to Consider

As with any other treatment there are some disadvantages to consider. Only small things but it is good to know them so you can make the best choice for you. The main thing you should take into consideration with flexible dentures is hygiene. Flexible dentures can build up bacteria so it is important to remover and clean the dentures every day.

How to Clean Your Dentures

As bacteria can build up it is important to keep the dentures clean. You can clean them with a toothbrush and warm water. The use of mouthwash is also beneficial. You could also put them into a dental cleanser solution, brush them and rinse under warm water. Make sure you have washed off the cleaning solution. You should also brush and floss any of your natural teeth. Your dentist will discuss with you anything else you should know.

At Painfree Dentistry we offer:

  • Comfortable dentures
  • Dentures made from high quality material
  • Dentures that are made to last
  • Natural looking tooth replacement solutions
  • Fast treatment

Contact the team today if you would like to hear more about our dentures, book a consultation and more. We can work with you to create a natural looking and complete smile. There are other dentures available to and there is a tooth replacement solution to suit a variety of budgets. So, you will be able to laugh, talk and smile with confidence.


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