Implants Attached to Dentures

If you’ve been living with loose dentures that slip and move when you eat or talk, dental implants from Painfree Dentistry in Parramatta can help to stabilise and retain your denture, giving you added support compared to regular dentures.

If you no longer have any teeth in your jaw, but you have enough bone remaining, an implant-supported denture can give you the best of both worlds: keeping your dentures held solidly in place while you’re chewing or talking, while also letting you easily remove them for cleaning.


Dentures attached to dental implants are extremely stable, making it easier to talk, and to eat a wider variety of foods which can improve overall nutrition. Dental implants help preserve the jawbone as they act in a way very similar to natural tooth roots. Although implant retained dentures are most commonly used to replace lower dentures, they can be used to secure upper dentures. In this case the upper denture can be constructed in a slightly different way, exposing the upper palate, so it is less bulky and is easier to taste foods.


Not everyone is suitable for dental implants, but this can be discussed during your initial evaluation with Painfree Dentistry Paramatta. The procedure for implant retained dentures does take several months to complete.

Especially useful for the lower jaw, where ordinary dentures are often less stable, implants for supporting dentures can be placed in just two rounds of surgery. In the first, we place your new implants in the jawbone under your gums. With the second procedure, three to six months later, we expose the tops of your implants, making them ready to support your dentures.

Depending on your individual situation, implant-supported dentures may be the ideal way to give you a stable, attractive and complete smile. Alternatives to implants attached to dentures include permanent fixed crown and bridgework.