Intra Oral Camera

At Painfree Dentistry we are always looking for the latest technology to improve our treatments and dental practice. One of the latest pieces of dental technology we have available for our patients is the intra oral camera.

What is an Intra Oral Camera?

This digital camera is a tool that dentists use to obtain precise and high-quality images of the mouth. The camera can take pictures of hard to see places inside the mouth and it can also detect fractures that the eye cannot see. The intra camera is small and pen shaped, it is a comfortable way to inspect a patient’s mouth. These cameras are used in check-ups.

We offer this to our patients because we want out patients to fully understand their dental health and any issues that may have been found. With high-quality pictures and videos, you can see what the dentist sees. Patients can be more involved with the decision making and can have confidence in the dental treatment and the choices that will be made.

Why Use Intra Oral Cameras?

These cameras allow dentists to assess a patient needs more efficiently. It is a new technology that makes check-ups better and your needs can be properly assessed. The camera can be connected to a screen so there is live video footage of the inside of your mouth. This allows dentists to show you what they are seeing and will help you understand and see any issues that are found. The intra camera also takes photos which gives dentists a record of your mouth. This way any changes can be spotted and you and the dentist can both see the progress of any treatment you have.

You can also take photos of your teeth and mouth home with you. This is useful so you can monitor your dental health and any treatments you have had. You can detect any changes early and let your dentist know straight away. This way you can have a record for your dental health.

Advantages of Using the Camera

There are many advantages to these cameras, the main ones are:

  • Pictures of your mouth allow you and the dentist to have a better look at any issues.
  • Pictures allow you and the dentist to keep track of changes over time and during treatment
  • You can view any issues in your mouth and it will allow the dentist to explain the issue and treatment better.
  • Pictures allow dentists to easily refer patients and allow specialists to give their opinion as they can easily see any issues.
  • The images can go on your dental record. This allows the dentist to keep track of any staining and changes in your oral health.
  • Dentists can plan treatment better.
  • You can learn a lot about your dental health and you can ask any questions.