Laser Gum Treatment

It is important to have good dental hygiene. This will keep teeth and gums healthy while making you look and feel your best. If you do not brush and floss regularly issues with your gums and teeth may arise which could result in gum disease. At Painfree Dentistry we work hard to make sure our patients avoid problems such as this but if issues do arise we have the best dental treatments to help. We are proud to offer Laser Gum Treatment to treat patients with gum disease.

What is Gum Disease?

Gum disease is caused by bacteria in the gums which when left causes an infection. Periodontal or gum disease is one of the most common causes of tooth loss. When the gums are infected they start to separate from the teeth. The separation causes a pocket to form which then results in more bacteria and the infection worsens. If the gum disease is left the pockets will deepen and get worse resulting in receding gums. Receding gums will result in tooth loss.

The symptoms start off mild. You may not realise you have the start of gum disease. You should look for red, swollen and/or bleeding gums. Bad breath and sensitive teeth can also be signs of infection.

How Does the Laser Treatment Work?

Every Patient is different so the procedures used on the gums can vary. For an average laser treatment, the infection and bacteria will be removed. The laser will be used in the deep pockets that are caused by gum disease. The root will then be smoothed to ensure there are no coarse areas as coarseness can cause bacterial and plaque build-up. After the treatment, your gums will heal and reattach to your tooth.

The treatment will not require the use of a scalpel and stitches. As the laser works it seals any wounds. It is a procedure that is not painful, you can have a virtually painless experience.

After Treatment

After the treatment, we will continue to help you with your dental health. We can offer guidance and advice on how to maintain your new healthy teeth and gums. Together we can keep the bacteria at bay so you can have great dental health for years to come.

There will be very little post-operative pain and you may even experience no pain. There will be less side effects to the more traditional treatments. Just keep up a good oral hygiene routine for the best results.

Why Choose Painfree Dentistry?

At Painfree Dentistry we work hard to provide our patients with the best dental treatments. That is why we are proud to offer this efficient and successful laser treatment. We offer every one of our patients:

  • The best care
  • Affordable prices
  • A dental team that cares
  • The best dental treatments
  • Care for teeth and gums that will give you a smile to be proud of