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PFM Restoration

Painfree Dentistry offer PFM restorations. This a successful and cost-effective treatment that will restore your teeth to a high-quality standard.

What are PFM Restorations?

Porcelain Fused to Metal or PFM bridges and crowns are a teeth restoration solution. These are strong, efficient and will last a long time. This solution has been used for over thirty years and has advanced over the time. Now restorations are more durable than ever and will be a close match in color to your natural teeth. PFM restorations are durable, long lasting and have a natural looking appearance.

There are variety of alloys available for this type of restoration. There are also alloys for patients who have allergies and who are hypersensitive. In cases like this the choices may include Titanium, Noble or High-Noble, Nickel and Beryllium free.

Benefits of PFM Restorations

The benefits of this type of restoration include:

  • Strength – PFM restorations are made to last.
  • Materials – The metal and porcelain combination creates a strong tooth restoring solution.
  • Appearance – These restorations look like natural teeth and will also cover any discoloration in the tooth structure so it will not be seen.
  • Biocompatible – The materials used are not harmful to humans in any way.

Considerations of PFM Restoration

While this is a treatment with many benefits there are also some disadvantages that should be considered. Your dentist will discuss these with you, so you can decide if this treatment is for you. Some of the main things to think about are:

  • Color – These are a long term option and over time the replacement tooth can become lighter. However, this can be fixed.
  • Sensitivity – As this restoration does use metals you could be a little sensitive to the material. You can discuss this with your dentist.
  • Restoration Margins – Over time the restoration margins can become exposed.

Who are PFM Restorations For

PFM restorations are a treatment option for patients who want a strong and durable solution. As the restorations are strong these are a great option for patients who have Bruxism. Bruxism is a condition where you grind or clench the teeth, usually while you are sleeping.

PFM Restoration Process

The treatment will begin with your dentist removing the outer layer of your tooth. This is performed so that the tooth is ready for bonding. Next an impression will be taken of your teeth and this impression will be sent to a dental lab. The dental lab will construct your PFM restoration in a shade that closely matches your teeth. After it has been completed it will be sent back so your dentist can place it.

After Care

Your dentist will discuss aftercare with you. However, after treatment it will be completely normal to be a little sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. This sensitivity won’t last long. As long as you follow your dentist’s advice and brush and floss on a daily basis the treatment will remain a success.

Contact Painfree Dentistry to hear more about PFM restoration. We can ask any questions, book a consultation and more. We can offer:

  • High quality care
  • Efficient and successful treatment
  • Tooth restoration that will last
  • Friendly and professional service
  • Treatment so you can get a healthy and beautiful smile.

Together we can create the smile you have always wanted.


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