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Provisional Restoration

Provisional Restoration | Painfree Dentistry

At Painfree Dentistry we offer provisional restorations. These have many uses from stopping tooth sensitivity and more. The provisional restorations are not permanent but are beneficial to teeth while you are waiting for your permanent fixture.

What is a Provisional Restoration?

A provisional restoration is a treatment used that will only last a short period of time. These are used to provide support and to improve the appearance of your smile while you are waiting for a permanent solution. You may need to wait for permanent treatment if any issues need to be fixed, if a replacement tooth needs to be made of if a treatment plan needs to be put into place. The materials used for provisional restorations are made of plastic or metal.

Provisional restorations are important. These temporary fixtures help create better permanent restorations and can save a lot of time during treatment. The faster treatment times means less dentists visits. It allows dentists to save time as any additional adjustments or procedures that need doing will be done on the temporary fixture instead of the permanent one. These restorations also can protect the dental pulp. This will stop any sensitivity and irritation. These also help the tooth being treated and the surrounding teeth stay in the correct position. Both these benefits will prevent further issues or treatment further down the line.

Restorations like these are great for testing out how certain treatments will look. This is beneficial as you can see what the permanents restoration will look like. You can see how your teeth will look and discuss any changes you want to make.

Provisional treatments are also great for patients who have issues with their gums. These allow the gum to get treated and to become healthy again ready for the permanent fixture. This treatment option will mean the permanent restorations will be successful and healthy.

Why Do You Need Provisional Restorations?

Provisional restorations are needed to provide restorative dentistry that is high quality and suits the patient’s needs. These temporary fixtures can help the dentist and patient predict the finishing result. It ensures that treatment plan can be the best it can be for your unique needs.

It is beneficial for your teeth’s health to. These restorations can prevent fractures can stop teeth moving and more. Something like this is great if you must wait for your permanent fixture.

Why Choose Painfree Dentistry?

At Painfree Dentistry we work hard to give our patients the best care. All our restorations are made with the best materials and there is something for every budget. Choose us if:

  • You want high quality care
  • Successful results
  • Professional and highly skilled dentists
  • Restorations that are the best fit for you
  • Efficient treatment that works

If you would like to hear more about our provisional restorations contact the friendly and professional team at Painfree Dentistry today. We can answer any questions, discuss any concerns, book consultations and more. We want our patients to have healthy and beautiful smiles.


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