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Unhealthy gums are not something you have to live with. At Painfree Dentistry we offer a variety of procedures to combat gum disease. One of the solutions we offer is scaling. This procedure is used to clean the gums so you can have better dental health than ever before.

What is a Scaling?

A scaling is a treatment that removes tartar and plaque from your teeth. Making sure that there is no build-up of these will keep your gums healthy. Scaling cleans deeper than a regular cleaning so it is a treatment suited to patients with gum disease and severe plaque build-up.

The Procedure

There are two ways that dentists perform this procedure. One is involving the use of handheld dental instruments. Your dentist will use a tool called a dental scaler which is a metal tool that scrapes the plaque from the tooth. After the teeth have been treated your dentist will move onto to cleaning the below the gum line where normal brushing does not reach.

The other method involves using an ultrasonic treatment. This treatment will chip away the tartar on teeth with a metal tip that vibrates. The pockets caused by gum disease will be cleaned with a water spray.

After the scaling is complete a follow up procedure will be performed. This is called root planing. Root planing smooths the surface of the tooth so that the gums can heal and reattach.

What Does the Treatment Feel Like?

The scaling treatment can cause discomfort even more so if you suffer with sensitivity in the gums. You can have a local anaesthetic to numb the area so you will feel no pain during the procedure. If you are concerned about pain you can speak to your dentist. The treatment can take more than one visit. Each visit will clean a different section of your mouth.

After a Scaling

After the treatment, your mouth may feel sore. In some cases, swelling and bleeding may occur. To ease any symptoms, you can be given a special toothpaste and mouth wash. Your dentist will also advise you to brush and floss regularly and correctly to stop the plaque from rebuilding. A second appointment will be made so the dentist can check the healing process. The progress that has been made by the gums will be monitored. If the gum pockets that are caused by gum disease have gotten deeper another treatment option will be advised.

Gum disease is a common problem and you do not have to live with the unpleasant symptoms. There is a solution. At Painfree Dentistry we can offer:

  • Successful treatment
  • Efficient solutions to gum disease
  • Affordable prices
  • A dentistry team that cares
  • Teeth and gums that look great and feel it to

So, contact the friendly and professional team at Painfree Densitry. We can discuss any concerns you may have about your dental health, book a consultation and more. An investment in your dental health is an investment in your future. There is no better feeling than having healthy teeth and gums.


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