Advance Sync

Painfree Dentistry offer an orthodontic device called Advance Sync. Advance Sync is a fixed functional appliance that is used to correct overbite. It is one of the latest orthodontic treatments and it is high quality, comfortable and efficient.

What is Advance Sync?

Advance Sync has transformed the way skeletal class II malocclusions can be treated. Malocclusion is when the teeth are not in the right position when the jaw is closed. In older treatments, an orthodontist would have to use bulkier and less comfortable headgear and appliances to treat an issue like this but not anymore. Not only does the Advance Sync correct the malocclusion these devices can also correct the jawbone to. This means your treatment is faster and finishes with better results. These orthodontic appliances have been enhanced so you can get the best care.

The Advance Sync is called a fixed functional appliance. This is because it cannot be removed by the patient and because for the device to work it needs the patient to use their jaw. It needs the jaw to function. This treatment needs the patient to put forward their lower jaw so it meets the front teeth. An average Advance Sync has small pistons. The first molars in the upper arch are connected to the arms of the piston. When the pistons are in place they will extend which makes the upper and lower jaw fit together in the correct position. The device pushes the lower jaw to where it should be. Your jaw can only bite down and move where the pistons guide it. There are a few different Advanced Sync designs available. If there are any differences in design this will be discussed with you.

Benefits of Advance Sync

There are many benefits to this treatment. These include:

  • Treatment Time – Your treatment can be completed much faster. The time scale is around six to nine months.
  • Better for Patients – The device is always in use and does not require any extra work for the patient. You only have to use your jaw.
  • Less Discomfort – The design has been enhanced so there is less irritation of the cheeks.
  • Speech – Your speech will not be affected by the device.
  • New Appearance – Modern Advance Sync devices are more discreet.
  • Fast Improvement – The jaw position will improve as soon as the device has been fitted.
  • Simpler Treatment – Advance Sync is easy to use and is fitted more easily than other orthodontic treatments.
  • Successful Treatment – Patients who have received this treatment are happy with the results and Advanced Sync is one of the best ways to correct overbite.

Why Choose Painfree Dentistry?

We want our patients to have the best dental care. We offer:

  • High quality appliances
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  • Excellent orthodontic care
  • Affordable prices
  • Treatments to give you healthy teeth that look great to