Anterior Growth Appliance

Your upper arch bone is a very important bone as it controls where the lower jaw will sit. The position of the lower jaw can affect the TMJ joint and the airways. That is why the bone needs to be corrected if it is under developed. A dentist can fix any issues with an anterior growth appliance.

What is an Anterior Growth Appliance?

There are two types of these appliances. One is fixed and one is removable. The removable one is the best option for children while the fixed is made for adults. A fixed is better for adults because it cannot be taken out. It will need adjusting every month. The appliances will create space between the upper canine teeth and the premolars which are behind them. When the right amount of space has been created a wire will be inserted. This just ensures that the teeth will not return to where they started.

After that, braces will be put onto the lower and upper teeth. Braces are used to close the gaps and to keep the front teeth in the correct position. The lower braces will straighten the bottom teeth. When the treatment is finished the upper jaw will be extended and the teeth will sit in the right place. Your lower jaw will fit with the upper jaw so your bite it as it should be. This will help with your facial muscles and joints. The airways will also be able to open correctly as the tongue will be able to sit in the right position.

The removable device for children is a little different. The appliance is turned twice a week by either the child or the parent. This depends on how old the child is. While the device is removable it should be worn all day every day. The growth appliance will make the upper jaw wider like the fixed device. Braces will be needed to finish off the treatment.

Do You Need a Growth Appliance?

There are many medical and dental issues that could arise resulting in you needing a growth appliance. Some of these include:

  • Issues with breathing and airways. Your airways can be restricted which will result in difficulties breathing.
  • Problems with eating. You will not be able to chew food properly and the chewing motion can cause headaches and more because of the position of the jaw.
  • People with an underdeveloped maxilla can have issues with the way they look. This treatment will help improve the face shape.

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