Clear Damon Braces

Braces are used to straighten teeth and to correct a bite. It is a successful treatment that can give you the attractive smile you have always wanted. The downside to a brace is that is not discreet and you will be able to see the metal braces when you talk, laugh and smile.

What if we could offer a discreet and less invasive solution? Sounds too good to be true, well we are here to say it is not. You can have your teeth straightened with an appliance called the Damon brace.

What is the clear Damon Brace?

Clear Damon braces are the way forward in Orthodontic treatment. These have tieless braces that move teeth faster and are more comfortable than ever before. More traditional braces have metal parts that are easily visible and have elastic ties. The elastic ties can often discolour and go yellow. This won’t be a problem anymore as the Damon brace is stain resistant and is almost invisible.


There are many benefits to this newer solution, these include:

Faster Treatment – Every patient is different but generally Damon braces can treat issues around six months faster than other braces. A clear Damon brace will efficiently and subtly move your teeth to where they should be.

More Comfortable – Damon braces do not need to be tightened so are gentler on teeth and gums. The materials used such as elastics can cause discomfort in other brace treatments, this is not an issue with the clear Damon brace.

Cleaning Made Easy – Traditional braces have a reputation for being hard to clean. Braces collect plaque and bacteria which can lead to dental complications in the future. The clear Damon brace has taken this issue into account so the appliance does not use elastomeric rings. This keeps your braces easy to clean with less bacteria.

No Speech Issues – Some patients can go down the aligner root however this does have some disadvantages. In some cases, the patient can develop a speech impediment. This is not something you have to worry about with the Damon brace. Your speech will not be affected with this solution.

Few Dentist Visits – Damon braces require less visits to the dentist than other solutions such as aligners and traditional metal braces. This means the Damon treatment is cost effective, more convenient and will cater to your busy lifestyle.

Successful Results – When you are going through the Damon brace treatment your dentist will use your facial proportions as a guide. This will ensure that you get the best smile for your own face and features. Each smile is unique to the patient. Damon braces create finished results that are built to last. Teeth that have been treated this way are less likely to relapse. In some cases, you might need to where a removable appliance such as a Damon splint to stop the teeth moving out of shape again.

Contact our team at Painfree Dentistry about clear Damon braces today we can offer:

  • Discreet braces
  • More self-confidence
  • A straighter smile
  • High quality treatment
  • Affordable braces