Controlled Arch

At Painfree Dentistry we offer a variety of Orthodontic treatments. There is a treatment available to suit every patient’s individual case, budget and more. One of the solutions we offer to straighten teeth is the Controlled Arch.

What is a Controlled Arch?

The controlled Arch treatment looks like the traditional metal brace system. However, on the inside of the mouth the treatment is different. Inside the mouth there is band that results in easy adjustment of the teeth. This treatment is an efficient technique that gives you faster results and gives a prediction of the movement of the teeth.

What Does a Controlled Arch Treat?

A Controlled Arch is used to straighten crooked teeth. It not only aligns the teeth but will also balance the face. The straightened smile and balanced face will enhance the features and will result in a beautiful smile. It will also correct the bite.

How Long Does Controlled Arch Treatment Take?

Every patient is different so treatment time can be different. Your dentist will discuss the treatment time and process with you. Impressions will be taken of your teeth and then the treatment will begin. This is usually three to four weeks later. Generally, the Controlled Arch will give you results 30% faster than the traditional metal brace.

Will Metal Be Visible?

This treatment can be slightly visible. It is more discreet than some of the other orthodontic treatments. Whether your Controlled Arch will be visible depends on what brackets you and your dentist decided on. Discreet arches are available so you can ask about those if this is something you would require.

Who is the Controlled Arch Treatment for?

The Controlled Arch is a treatment option for many patients. You will have an examination and then the dentist will diagnose your problem. If your issues need a Controlled Arch you will then begin the procedure. Even though every patient is different patients from children to adults can have this treatment. It is a solution that can be used when all teeth have erupted.

After Treatment

After you have finished your Controlled Arch treatment you may require a retention treatment. Your dentist will discuss this with you. If you do need anything post treatment it will be to stop the teeth moving back to where they were. Treated teeth have been known to move again so having a retainer will keep your teeth straighter and looking greater for longer. As long as you follow your dentist’s aftercare advice the treatment will be a success. This treatment has work for many patients and could for you to.

If you want:

  • A straighter smile
  • High quality care
  • Treatment that works
  • Faster tooth aligning treatment
  • A balanced and beautiful smile