Damon Braces

Dental technology and treatments are always changing and improving. Dentists can now offer a better treatment alternative to traditional metal braces which is called the Damon Brace. At Painfree Dentistry we are proud to say that we now offer this efficient and successful treatment to patients who need it.

What is a Damon Brace?

Damon braces were created by Dr Dwight Damon. This treatment can offer shorter treatment times for patients and can save healthy teeth from extractions.

A Damon brace is fitted the same way as the metal braces, but that is the only way they are the same. Damon braces have a slide mechanism that attaches wires to the brackets. This mechanism allows the brackets to move naturally with the teeth as they are align. The new mechanism makes braces comfortable and means that brackets do not have to be tightened and adjusted regularly. The Damon brace moves teeth gradually and does not use as much force as the traditional metal braces.

What Issues Can a Damon Brace Fix?

Damon braces can fix a variety of dental issues these include:

  • Teeth Spacing
  • Crowded Teeth
  • Underbite
  • Overbite
  • Open Bite
  • Cross Bite

Benefits of a Damon Brace?

There are many benefits to a Damon Brace. Some of these are:

Less Adjustments – These braces move with the teeth so you can complete treatment with no tightening.

Comfort – Damon braces are more comfortable than metal braces. This is because the technology is light and doesn’t need to be tightened. As these braces do not need tightening many patients experience little discomfort on none at all.

Enhance Facial Features – Damon braces will align your teeth beautifully which will improve the appearance of your face.

Successful Results – Patients who have been treated with the Damon Brace have been very happy with the finished result.

Faster Treatment Time – With the Damon brace the treatment time is generally shorter than that of the metal braces. Less treatment also means less visits to the dentists. You can get a beautiful smile faster than ever before.

No Need for Extraction – In some cases dentists may have to pull out healthy teeth to create space in a crowded mouth. With the Damon brace, this isn’t necessary as the forces work with the body to create a space naturally. This means most patients can be treated without an extraction. This is good news for the patient and it will also create a better smile that is full. Some cases may require an extraction but your dentist can discuss this with you.

In summary Damon braces at Painfree Dentistry could be for you if:

  • You want fast treatment
  • You want successful treatment with beautiful results
  • You would prefer to visit the dentist less
  • You want a smile that will wow
  • You want high quality care