I Rock Aligner

At Painfree Dentistry we are always updating our dental technology. We are proud to now offer our patients iROK. iROK is a new way to straighten teeth. It is an aligner that gives you the perfect smile in a discreet way.

What is iROK?

This technology combines the traditional orthodontic methods with the most advanced computer software, modelling and laser technology. The new and older ideas work together to create precisely made aligners that can easily straighten teeth.

The aligners are custom made and are used to treat malocclusions. The dentist can take a 3D scan and impression of each patient’s teeth which will then be used to manufacture a unique aligner. Dentists create these aligners to suit any specific dental issues.

iROK aligners are made with thermos-plastic. This material is used because it can mould to each patient’s individual teeth. The few aligners may be used and these can be moved to the correct position. The aligners are made to fit each individual patient. Your aligner will be labelled with your case number along with the stage of treatment number. The upper and lower arch will also be labelled.

What to Expect With iROK?

Every patient is different but here is what to expect with an average iROK treatment.

Preparation – Your dentist will have to prepare. To start with this will include an iROK prescription and an X-ray and panoramic view of the teeth. Photos will be taken of the teeth and of the face. You will then have impressions of the teeth taken.

Modelling – After the impressions have been taken they will be sent to a distributor. These will then provide your dentist with and e-model in around five days. Laser scanners and software will be used to create the aligners at this stage.

Treatment Plan – Your dentist will provide you with a treatment plan. This will be designed and given to you in around a week. This is done after the dental models have been created, this is so the plan can be modified for your unique treatment.

Manufacture – After all the plans have approved your aligner will be manufactured. The aligners will be shipped around 3 days after the completed treatment plan. A new set of aligners will be fitted every couple of months until you are happy with the results and the treatment has been completed.

Why Choose Painfree Dentistry?

We can offer our patients the latest treatments and the highest care. Our iROK aligners can give you straight and beautiful smile that you have always wanted. If you want:

  • High quality treatment
  • Aligners that are discreet
  • An efficient and successful solution
  • High quality aligners
  • A smile you can be proud of