Mara or Mandibular Anterior Repositioning Appliance is used to help correct overbites. We now offer this solution to our patients as these are not as bulky and as obtrusive as some of the other appliances.

What is MARA?

Mara is an orthodontic device that is fixed and non-removable. It is a system that involves the lower jaw being brought forward so that the front teeth come together. The Mara is called a functional appliance this is because the patient has to function with the device in place. When the jaw is used in the correct position it makes the jaw grow and stay in the right place.

The device has an arm in the lower arch. This extends horizontally from a stainless-steel crown that is placed on the first molar. There will also be a crown on the upper first molar and this will have a vertical piece that will guide the jaw forwards into the right position. Once the Mara has been placed the patient can bite down which will slide the jaw forward. The lower arms will then sit in front of the elbows which keeps it in place.

The Process

To ensure there is enough room for the crowns to be placed the dentist will more than likely to put spaces around your first molars. This will happen about a week before you have the Mara fitted. When the treatment begins the spaces will be removed and the first molars will be cleaned. This ensures that plaque is removed off the teeth. Next your dentist will test the Mara crowns on your teeth to make sure they fit comfortably. If the crowns fit well they will then be cemented in place. Gold color cement may be used as it makes it easier to clean after the treatment is over and the crowns are removed. Then you will bite down on some cotton while the cement is setting, this will be around five minutes. When the cement is set, an extra will be cleaned off.

Things You Should Know

  • The device can be difficult to use at first because to fully close your mouth the device will force the lower jaw to move forward. In around a week this will become normal and you can close your mouth without having to think about it.
  • For the first few days you will be given gauze squares. These will help protect your cheeks from the device and from any bites to the cheek. After a few days, you won’t need these as you will be used to the appliance.
  • At first it may be difficult to chew. You will get used to it and be able to chew as normal in around four days to a week. Your dentist may suggest softer foods and small foods to make it easier while you are adjusting.
  • Your cheeks might be sore and appear a little swollen. The discomfort should go away after a couple of days and the puffiness will go down after a few weeks.
  • The Mara treatment takes around 15 months and an additional brace after that will take around 8 months.

At Painfree Dentistry we can offer:

  • High quality treatment
  • An efficient and successful solution to an overbite
  • A smile to be proud of
  • The best care
  • Affordable prices