TADS are Temporary Anchorage Devices. These anchors are temporarily used during treatment and placed in certain areas to apply force on teeth that need to be moved. While helping to move teeth these devices also keep the teeth that don’t need to be moved still.

What are TADS?

The temporary anchorage devices are made up of mini screws or mini implants and can be used to correct the jaw (skeletal) and issues with the teeth. These are placed into the jaw bones and act as an anchor to help tooth movement. Once the anchors have done what is required they will be removed. TADS are lower in cost than other dental implants and easier to place. These are simple to fit and remove and the devices provide accurate tooth movement. TADS is technology that is developing quickly. It is becoming a huge part of orthodontic treatment. TADS can also provide other benefits. These can reduce healing time, make elastics a thing of the past and can make complex issues easier to treat. The small devices have a big, positive impact for both dentists and patients.

How are TADS fitted?

The installation and removal of temporary anchorage devices is minimally invasive. Before TADS are fitted a dental radiograph or x ray will be performed. This to ensure there is nothing vital in the way such as sinuses or nerves. It is best for TADS to be placed through the gum and into the bone. The devices are kept in place by a mechanical lock or by meshing with the bone in the surrounding area. The anchors being placed very close to the bone is very important to provide stability.

Are TADS painful?

When the devices are fitted, the area will be numbed with local anaesthesia and will usually be pain free, in some cases there is only cause minor discomfort. TADS are small so can be fitted quickly so you will probably only feel a gentle pressure. If needed, pain relief can be taken but most patients do not need to take anything at all. The procedure can seem painful and stressful but do not worry it is an efficient treatment that will be pain free for many patients.

Keeping TADS clean

Just like any other dental procedure it is important to keep the area clean. TADS do not require a lot of maintenance. Your dentist will discuss after care and hygiene with you and give you instructions. Usually TADS are kept clean with antibacterial rinse. This can be put onto the area with swab or be brushed onto the area twice a day with a soft toothbrush.

Our team are specially trained to perform this treatment. We will work together with orthodontists and surgeons to ensure the correct placement and position of the devices. To find out more information about temporary anchorage devices call us. We can answer any questions and set up a consultation to find the right course of orthodontic treatment for you. It has clear benefits for the patients who need it.

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