Twin Block

At Painfree Dentistry we offer the twin block treatment. A twin block is used to align the lower and upper jaws. It is used to treat children and teenagers to make their jaw fit together correctly.

What is a Twin Block?

A twin block is an appliance designed to wear full time. It is made up of removable lower and upper plates. The two blocks are designed to be bitten together which will guide the lower jaw into the correct place. The movement of the jaw will correct the bite. It is a treatment also used to stop overcrowding of teeth.

How Does It Work?

A twin block is usually worn nine to twelve months before braces can be fitted. A block will be placed behind the upper front teeth and then the other block will be placed behind the lower front teeth. The two parts will come together and when they do it will be in the correct jaw position. As the jaw will be correct when the device is worn you will see an immediate improvement. This will become a permanent change after a few months.

Benefits of a Twin Block

The benefits of a twin block are:

Comfortable – These devices are comfortable for patients to wear all the time.

Fast Results – You will see a fast correction. When wearing the device, you will see the difference and the change will be permanent.

Correction of Bite – These used for incorrect bite cases.

Arch Control – These offer control of the arch form.

Things You Need to Know

  • A twin block needs to be worn all the time. The only time you should take this is out is when you are cleaning your teeth or taking part in sports.
  • It is best to eat with the twin block in your mouth, but it can be removed if you would rather.
  • These can be safely worn while you are asleep. These are comfortable and should be worn for a minimum of 18 hours a day.
  • You must keep the twin block clean. You will need to brush it and rinse it. Brushing should take place after meals and the blocks should be cleaned in glass of water for around 15 minutes every few days.
  • Twin blocks need to be checked every two to three months.
  • At first the twin block may feel uncomfortable. This feeling will end in a few days. You may find that the speech may be affected but this will improve to.
  • Your teeth and jaws may be sore at first. This will subside.
  • It will take time for the plates to work. You also need to make the effort and wear the device for the required number of hours.