Dr Elie Alam - Cosmetic Dentist

Dr Elie Alam

Lead Cosmetic Dentist

Languages spoken: English, Arabic, Lebanese , French

Dr Alam graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the University of Sydney in 1995. After working at various practices, Dr Alam opened his own practice in 1997 in Harris Park Village located on the edge of the vibrant Parramtta CBD under the banner of Painfree Dentistry. The practice has grown to become the biggest privately owned practice in the Parramatta district with 7 dentists, 1 oral health therapist and a large number of supporting staff.

Dr Alam maintains a high level of excellence in all areas of dentistry and is passionate about learning new innovations and using the latest technologies.With an increasing focus spaning over 25 years, his interests are in complex implant procedures, facial and dental cosmetics and craniofacial orthodontics whilst providing the latest techniques in pain free and gentle dental treatments.

Dr Alam embarked on his dental implant career in 1998 at a time when few practitioners were performing these complex procedures. Over the last 20 years he has performed more than one thousand implant procedures. Dr Alam is highly skilled and experienced in all aspects of complex implant procedures and associated surgeries such as bone and soft tissue augmentation, internal and external sinus lift and all on 4/6 implant procedures. He is at the forefront of technology with Painfree Dentistry being the first practice in Australia to install the newest MYRay large field of view/low radiation Cone Beam machine (CBCT) in 2018. Dr Alam was also the first practitioner in New South Wales to perform mini implant procedures back in 1999. Dr Alam is a highly respected lecturer/mentor in the field of dentistry who is happy to impart his knowledge and expertise to his fellow dentists.

Dr Alam started his dental career in orthodontics in 1998.Previously Dr Alam achieved first place in orthodontics in 1994 during his dental studies at Sydney University.During his career, Dr Alam has completed more than 4000 orthodontic cases covering all modalities from fixed braces to removable and clear aligners. Dr Alam has been at the forefront of orthodontic treatment and was one of the early practitioners to adopt no extraction orthodontics. Dr Alam practices craniofacial orthodontics where the emphasis is not only on teeth alignment (straightening) but also optimal facial aesthetics and especially improving breathing and stopping bad tongue habits. Dr Alam utilises various techniques such as the AGGA (anterior guided growth appliance) and controlled arch mechanics to develop dental arches to their full genetic potential and in the process improving breathing and making extra spaces for crowded teeth. Dr Alam is a strong believer of early intervention. All young children who attend the practice are screened for mouth breathing and bad tongue habits which will affect the proper formation of the jaw causing malocclusion to occur.In addition, Dr Alam does practice other modalities of orthodontics such as self-ligation braces, clear braces, clear aligners (especially invisalign), removable orthodontics and fast (4-6 month) braces.

Dr Alam is very passion about aesthetic (cosmetic) dentistry and facial aesthetics.To date he has performed more than ten thousand units of crown/bridge/veneers, a record number which would pit him as one of the most experienced practitioners in this field.Dr Alam is committed to continuous education and to keep up with the latest techniques, materials and trends he attends conferences and seminars both nationally and internationally. In the last few years Dr Alam has been one of the early adopters of Digital Smile Design where the ultimate smile is produced by integrating the patients’ individual facial features and providing a smile that can be viewed prior to the work being carried out and then replicated exactly in the mouth.

Dr Alam is one of a handful of practitioners who has attained excellence in aesthetic dentistry, complex implantology and complex orthodontic treatment.He is able to provide treatment options which would often require a team of specialists yet these complex treatments are carried out by Dr Alam, a single practitioner under the same roof and often at a considerable time and financial saving.