Rami Najjar

Oral Health Therapist

Languages spoken: English, Arabic

Rami Najjar is our very gentle and friendly Oral Health Therapist and Orthodontic Therapist who plays an essential role in the prevention as well as maintenance of our patient’s oral hygiene. Under prescription from Dr Alam, Rami has been performing a range of orthodontic procedures for our practice.

He graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Oral Health in 2012 and then went on to complete a post graduate degree from the University of Adelaide in restorative dentistry.

Before working here at Painfree dentistry, Rami worked in a specialist Orthodontic practice and also travelled around country and metropolitan New South Wales to nursing homes and primary schools providing dental services to those who do not have access.

As a keen learner, he is committed to continuing education and the newest dental technologies in order to be a highly competent dental practitioner with a focus on prevention and home care.

Rami strives to make each visit to the dentist a positive experience for all patients. He focuses on treating the patient as a whole and his working priority is to provide maintenance for good oral health and preventative treatment for lifelong oral health.

Outside of Painfree Dentistry you will find Rami spending quality time with his family.