Anxious or Fearful Patients

Feelings of fear and anxiety about the dentist are common. You do not have to live with feelings of dread about the dentist. At Painfree Dentistry we understand how distressing the dentist can be. That is why we offer guidance and anxiety solutions to our patients. We care about our patient’s wellbeing and want everyone to have a positive experience.

Do I Have Dental Anxiety?

Some treatments or procedures sound unpleasant. This naturally gives patients feelings of anxiety. In some cases, this anxiety can cause a great amount of stress and dread. Here is a small test that can give you an idea as to whether you’re just a little nervous or if you have dental anxiety that needs to be addressed.

Do you feel tension and panic the day/evening before your dentist appointment?

Do you feel anxious while waiting in the reception before the appointment?

Do you feel uneasy in the dentist’s chair?

Do dental instruments make you feel nervous?

Do dental injections make you feel ill and anxious?

Do you feel that your mouth is the worst your dentist has seen?

Do you feel panicky and like you can’t breather when the dental objects are in your mouth?

Have you had bad experiences previously at the dentist?

What can I do about my dental fear?

If you have answered yes to one or more of these, it would beneficial to talk to your dentist about your anxiety. Solutions can then be offered to you.

What Can You Do to Ease Dental Anxiety?

You do not have to dread the dentist; dental anxiety can be overcome. Here are a few tips to help you combat anxious and fearful feelings.

Learn relaxation techniques – A quick and easy way to feel more comfortable at the dentist is to learn relaxation techniques. Breathing exercises can help you overcome feelings of distress. If you learn to breathe and relax in times of fear, then the fear has no control over you. There are lots of ways to relax, do some research.

Choose the right dentist – You need to be with a dentist you are comfortable with. This way you can talk about any concerns or fearful feelings you have. A compassionate dentist can ease your worries and make you feel safe and secure throughout treatment. Dentists can now also offer more painless treatments than ever before.

Ask questions – If you have the correct knowledge it can make you realise that certain treatments are not as bad as they seem. Knowing the procedure, you are having can make you feel better because knowledge is power. Ask your dentist any questions you have because the dentist is the best source for the answer.

Be aware of pain control – There are plenty of horror stories about the dentist. However modern treatment offers a wide variety of pain control. Dentistry can be painless and stress free. Discuss pain control with your dentist there are lots of solutions.

Distract yourself – You can distract yourself from the dental environment. There are a few methods for this such as listening to music. The music will distract you and will stop you overthinking the treatment.

What Can We Do to Help Anxious Patients?

All our team are friendly, compassionate and professional. We will listen to all if your concerns and will recommend the best care. You can receive tips on how to relax and be offered anxiety solutions. You can talk to us about your feelings you have nothing to be embarrassed or worried about. We are here to help.