Many people have experienced pain and discomfort when receiving an injection. These past experiences can make you feel fear at the thought of another one. This results in very stressful dental visits or people skipping the dentist all together. We are here to say that this no longer has to be the case. At Painfree Dentistry we off the new solution called Injex.

What is Injex?

Injex is a new solution that allows dentists to freeze and numb the area without the use of needles. The dentist will apply anaesthetic to the mucous membrane. This allows the anaesthetic to go into the deep layers of the gums. The application process means that the effect is faster than the traditional needle. It is efficient, provides fast results, causes no pain. As there is no injection there is no chance of infection around the

How Can Injex Help?

A fear of needles is very common across all ages. Injex means that there is no need for needle injections for dental treatment. This reduces stress, makes people feel more at ease and will create a painless experience. The use of Injex is also great for children’s dentistry as it will make the dentist a less scary experience and will stop them taking a fear of the dentist and/or needles into their adult life. With Injex the dental treatment is transformed into a pain free and stress-free experience.

Other Benefits to Injex

It isn’t just anxiety and pain that Injex helps with. Injex also has other benefits for patients and these include:

  • Reduced Dose – This method uses a lower dosage of anaesthesia. This is a benefit to all patients and is good for children as they have a lower dose limit.
  • Easy Use – Injex is easier to use for dentists. This results in better quality treatment and less stress for the dentist and the nervous patients.
  • Numbness After Treatment – Injex numbs the area effectively during treatment. After treatment the numbness does not last as long as conventional numbing solutions. This makes the parents feel better and more like themselves after treatment faster than ever before.

Who is Injex for?

Injex is for all patients who want efficient, high quality and painless treatment. This is a no needle approach that benefits all patients but especially the ones who suffer with fear and anxiety. It can help to solve fears of the dentist and/or needles. It is a great treatment choice for children as it will ensure their experience is not stressful and will not be painful. Painful dentistry and horror stories about needles is a thing of the past.

Contact our team at Painfree Dentistry today to hear more about Injex. We can answer any questions, concerns and more. Why choose use? We can offer:

  • Pain free injections
  • Compassionate dentists who understand anxiety
  • High quality treatment
  • The best care
  • New dental technology