Intravenous Sedation

At Painfree Dentistry, we’re committed to living up to our name, and ensuring your time with us really is pain free! We understand that if you’re very nervous about visiting us, you might need a little help to relax and enjoy your appointment. That’s where intravenous sedation can help.

With intravenous sedation you will find you’re no longer anxious about your treatment, and time will pass very quickly. Even though you’ll remain conscious throughout your treatment, and able to understand and respond to your dentist, you will experience an overall feeling of deep relaxation.

Normally after your treatment you’ll remember little or nothing at all of your time with us – and certainly no nervousness or fear! With a little help from intravenous sedation, you’ll wonder why you ever worried about visiting us at Painfree Dentistry Parramatta!