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Tooth decay (also known as caries) is one of the most common conditions which may result in a need for fillings.

Caries can be detected by your Parramatta dentist at your regular checkup in several ways. Firstly, they may observe discolouration or soft, decayed enamel during your consultation. Secondly, they may rinse a cavity-detecting dye over your teeth, which will stick to decayed areas and rinse cleanly from healthy ones. X-rays are also a reliable means of revealing decay, both in the enamel on the sides of your teeth where they come together, and in the dentin that lies under the enamel.

Your dental fillings procedure

Usually we will offer you local anaesthesia to numb the area around your tooth. Your dentist then removes decay from your tooth, at first with a high speed drill on the harder tooth enamel, and then switching to a lower speed drill once they reach the softer dentin, or second layer of the tooth.

Once all the decay is removed, your dentist shapes the space to prepare it for the filling. We use different shaping procedures for different types of fillings to ensure they stay in place. Some fillings then require hardening with a special light as they are layered on in stages. Lastly, your dentist will finish and polish the tooth.

After your filling you may experience some sensitivity to pressure, air, sweet foods or cold, but this will decrease over about a week or two. You should not experience pain after the anaesthetic wears off, but if you do, it may mean your new filling is too high. In this case, contact the Painfree Dentistry team on as soon as possible so they can reduce the height of the filling. Our practice number is (02) 8999 5128. And our well designed practice is located at 77 Marion St Harris Park NSW 2150.

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