Suffering with frequent headaches? Then consider visiting the dentist. In some cases, the cause of the headache could be a dental issue. You could be experiencing a “dental headache”.

What is a Dental Headache?

A dental headache can occur when muscular tension builds up around the face and jaw. Around 80% of headaches are caused by tension. Having frequent headaches can be a sign of an unknown dental condition or a bad bite. A bide bite is when the surfaces of the teeth aren’t aligned as they should be when your mouth is shut. This causes the jaw to try and balance which results in pain and soreness around the head.

Dental headaches are a very common issue, around one in eight people suffer from them. Some headaches can become so painful that their lives are disrupted. Headaches can cause issues with everyday living.

What Causes Dental Headache?

There are common dental issues that can cause a dental headache, these are:

  • Wisdom teeth
  • Previous dentistry work
  • Orthodontic Issues
  • A bad bite
  • Abscess
  • Tooth infection

Many people don’t realize that a dental issue can cause a headache. Your head can hurt because the pain has been referred.

What is referred pain?

Referred pain is when the pain is not in the origin of the issue but elsewhere on the body. So, when you are experiencing a headache it may in fact be tooth or jaw pain. The good news is that with a visit to both your GP and dentist the cause of your headache will be solved. Any dental issues can be treated and if it is your bite it can be corrected. We offer efficient and successful treatments for all dental issues and to correct your bite.

TMJ and Bruxism

Common dental causes of headaches are TMJ disorder and Bruxism. Temporomandibular Joint Disorder is a problem with the jaw and the muscles in the surrounding area. This can occur if your jaw has been injured, this could be from a sports accident or more. If you can hear a clicking or popping in your jaw it could be a sign. If you have headaches and hear that noise, get checked out by the dentist. When a diagnosis has been given your dentist will create a treatment plan and discuss what the next step is.

Bruxism is another common cause of headaches. When you grind or clench your teeth for long periods of time it can cause pain because the muscles are overworked with no rest. A sign of bruxism can be if you wake up in the morning with headaches frequently. The symptoms of Bruxism can be treated with relaxation techniques and with a mouth guard. These simple fixes can solve your painful headaches.