Night Guard

A common dental issue our dentists treat is grinding and clenching of the teeth. It can be a tricky condition as most patients do not know they are doing it because it occurs during sleep. At Painfree Dentistry we offer an efficient and successful solution to this issue, we offer night guards.

What is a Night Guard?

A night guard is a device that is used to stop clenching and grinding of the teeth. Patients generally suffer with this while they are sleeping. The grinding involves the jaw moving backwards and forwards and clenching is when the patient bites down for a long period of time. Night guards are designed to protect your teeth from these actions. It is placed in the mouth on the top teeth and this will act as a layer that will protect both your bottom and top teeth.

Night guards are made of transparent plastic and will create some space in-between teeth which will prevent from them from grinding and clenching together. It is important to know that a night guard won’t stop you from doing the actions while sleeping but will protect the teeth. So, the clenching and grinding will not damage and wear down teeth.

Why Would You Need a Night Guard?

Patients who suffer with Bruxism will be recommended a night guard. This condition involves someone involuntarily grinding and clenching their teeth while they sleep. It is a common condition and can occur when you are stressed. Many people do not even know they have this issue until they feel symptoms or someone hears the grinding noise. A night guard is needed to protect the teeth. Your teeth will be protected from being worn down, being chipped and damage such as cavities.

What to Expect When Having a Night Guard Fitted?

Dentists will first need to examine you to confirm you are suffering with Bruxism. When the treatment begins an impression will be taken of your lower and upper teeth. This will ensure the guard fits perfectly. Then the guard will be moulded and crafted from your impressions. The guards are made from durable but comfortable plastic. Then the guard is finished and can be worn.

Benefits of a Night Guard?

A night guard can offer relief of symptoms and more. Here are the main benefits of a night guard.

  • A night guard will stop you damaging your teeth
  • It will prevent headaches and migraines
  • Can prevent jaw issues as the pressure will be relieved
  • Stop the aching in your jaws
  • Will prevent further damage such as TMD
  • You will have a good night’s sleep

If you want:

  • A cost-effective solution to this issue
  • Peace of mind that you can sleep without damaging your teeth
  • A long-lasting device
  • High quality care
  • Healthy teeth and gums