Occlusal Splint

At Painfree Dentistry we offer a treatment called the occlusal splint. This is a solution for patients who suffer with Bruxism. Bruxism is condition where a person grinds or clenches their teeth.


This is a common condition that can often be undiagnosed. It can be difficult to diagnose and treat because it is an involuntary condition that occurs during sleep. A sufferer will grind or clench their teeth together while they are sleeping. Over time symptoms will appear and will worsen. Therefore, dental visits are important as dentists can spot the signs. The good news is that there are solutions available to give you peace of mind, a better sleep and to prevent any more damage to the teeth. It is a condition linked to stress so relaxation can be part of the treatment process.

Occlusal splints

An occlusal splint is a successful solution to bruxism. It is a guard that fits to the upper jaw. It covers the biting surface of the teeth. It will not stop you from grinding or clenching the teeth but it will stop the damage that it does. It guides the jaw into the correct position which in turn relieves pressure on the jaw. The splint is slim fitting and is made from acrylic, which makes it a tough solution that can withstand the pressure. It is completely safe to wear while you sleep as it has been designed to be worn at night as this is when the condition occurs.

What to Expect with Occlusal Splint Treatment?

The splint will take two appointments. On appointment one the dentist will take impressions of the lower and upper teeth. Some measurements may also be taken. An impression is taken because the splints are made to on site to fit patient’s induvial teeth. On appointment two your dentist will check the fit of your new splints. It is important that the splint fits comfortably. If all is well the treatment is over and you will have a durable solution to bruxism.

CAD/CAM Splints

Dentistry is always moving forward. Today we can create splints with new technology that makes the treatment more accurate than ever before. CAD/CAM uses computer technology to create a splint that is unique to you. Not only does the newer technology make splints fit better than ever but it also has changed the materials used. Splints are now thinner, sleeker and more durable than ever before. This technology ensures that your splint will fit comfortably and it will also lower the risk of tears appearing in the splint. We use this technology to make sure our patients receive the best care.

Will Any Further Treatment Be Needed?

Splints are made to last however over time your splint will wear down. After years of protecting your teeth the splint can break or chip. When this occurs, you will need to have a new one fitted. Unless you have severe bruxism, this will be all you need. If your bruxism is severe than further exercises may be needed. Your dentist will discuss this with you if that is the case.

If you want:

  • High quality splints
  • Splints made to fit
  • Effective treatment for bruxism
  • Peace of mind when you sleep
  • The best dental health