Sleep solutions

Many people get anxious when a dentist visit is due, however in some cases it can be more serious with feelings of dread. This fear can stop patients receiving care that they sometimes desperately need. We do not want anyone to feel this way at Pain Free Dentistry. That is why we offer sleep dentistry. This is a solution for fearful patients who experience severe anxiety during their dental appointments.

What is sleep dentistry?

Sleep dentistry is a solution for people with fear and anxiety about the dentist. This type of treatment involves sedating the patient so they won’t feel fear and pain. If you choose the sleep solution you will be relaxed all the way through your dental visit and you won’t even remember the procedure when you wake up. It could even reduce your anxiety for your next appointment.

The sleep solution is also great for people who have anxiety about needles, patients with very sensitive teeth, people who have difficulty with their gag reflex and for patients who have trouble feeling numbness in their mouth after their injection.

Not seeking dental treatment due to anxiety effects your wellbeing and health. So, if you have fears about the dentist do not leave it to get worse, we can fix any problem painlessly, efficiently and successfully.

What will happen during sleep dentistry?

At the start of the dental procedure you will have the sedative and be put to sleep. Even though it is called put to sleep you won’t be unconscious just detached from the situation. You won’t feel pain or anxiety. Then your dentist will complete your treatment and inform you the procedure is finished and that you can go home. The sedative effects can last up to 24 hours so you will need to take it easy for the rest of the day and it is advised you do not drive.

Types of sedation?

There are different types of sedation for sleep dentistry. The most common ones are: inhalation sedation, intramuscular and intravenous.

Inhalation Sedation – This is the method that is used most often, many people will know this sedation as “happy gas”. Inhalation is the preferred option for most patients as the recovery is fast and you can leave the dental surgery alone and carry on with normal activities.

Intravenous Sedation – This option is not used as often as others although it is very effective. In this method, the patient will feel like they went to sleep even though they did not. For this sedation, you will have to have your blood pressure monitored as well as your breathing and heart rate. Due to the sleepy state, you will be in after this type of sedation you will need to have someone with you to leave the surgery after the treatment.

Intramuscular Sedation – This is method is generally not used. It involves injecting a sedative into the muscle on the arm or thigh. Your dentist will discuss this option with you, if it is the best course of treatment for you.

Our dentists will provide you with the best care. We are trained to treat anxious patients and patients who are already under sleep dentistry with the greatest care. We know the dentist’s chair is not always easy but we want you to have the best experience. We are here to help and want you to feel safe and relaxed at our surgery. Contact us today if you have any concerns or fears about your dental health.